Sukuru is a kamakari fruit merchant on the realm of Regnora in the city of Purduro. He is unusual in being a lone kamakari living on a non-kamakari world, but otherwise is an upstanding, uninteresting member of the community.  


Sukuru is a fairly standard kamakari, standing 170 cm tall, with a blend of light green and lavender coloration. He commonly wears an embroidered tunic, held around his waist with a jeweled belt. Like most kamakari, he does not wear anything below his waist, including shoes. When talking, he often folds his hands together, frequently hidden beneath baggy sleeves.   Sukuru is typically seen tending to his store at the edge of the market district. He lives in the cellar beneath the shop, maintaining a simple lifestyle. Most who have dealt with him say Sukuru is a kind, simple person who enjoys an uncomplicated life. He is quiet and solitary, not keeping any known friends or real relations with anyone in the city. Most theorize that his solitary nature, which runs counter to the culture of the Mandate, is the reason he now lives on a realm with no other kamakari residents.  

Secret Crimelord

Known to only a few, Sukuru is an outcast among his kind for his selfishness and willingness to lie, cheat, and steal. Not only that, he is a powerful psionic, capable of reading minds and altering thoughts. He left the Mandate, finding the communal nature of his kind stifling and controlling, and came to the Neahmidath to find a place he could put his talents to use for personal gain. After bouncing from realm to realm for several years, finding them unsuitable for his needs, he came to Purdoro.   Sukuru quickly established himself in the city as a reputable businessperson, albeit one who dealt in a rather niche market. However, he subtly used his psionic powers to discover who was an honest person and who was corruptible. Through this, he became a minor fence, working outside of the main crime syndicate, the Alessazoth family. This was not the height of his ambitions, however.   First, he surreptitiously provided evidence to the city guard implicating his primary rival fence, getting him arrested. Taking advantage of the sudden vacuum in power, Sukuru positioned himself as the new primary fence for the Alessazoths. This quickly proved fruitful, as Sukuru was approached by a group of adventurers, masquerading as pirates.   He subtly read the minds of the adventurers, ascertaining that they were working undercover with the city guard to take down the Alessazoths. Seeing an opportunity to advance is own ambitions, Sukuru worked with the adventurers, using subtly misdirection and trickery to consistently weaken the Alessazoth's base of power while securing loyalty from other criminals.   When the family was finally brought down, Sukuru made his move. The chaos in the criminal underworld gave him the perfect opportunity to seize control. He used knowledge gained from psychic probes to blackmail any who opposed him. His rise was swift. For those who recognize him for what he is, they are terrified no one can stop him.

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