The Neahmidath (/niːhmɪdað/listen from Thelirein níhmidath, lit. color void) is a turbulent area of the Sora, but one in which several very rich realms sit. Safe passage into the region was only discovered in the past century, thus leaving it largely unclaimed. It borders the Heshian Syndicate, the Confederacy of Doflein Realms, the Daren Hegemony, and the Bláthaofa Kingdom. Each of these powers have stakes in the region, having sent ships to colonize and gain control of the area. In addition, the Dranomyr Archive has recently taken an interest in the area, as many primitive civilizations inhabit some of the richer realms and the Archive is very interested in ensuring the colonial powers are not indiscriminately spreading around technology.   The Neahmidath is an unusually chaotic area of the Sora, characterized by extremely violent firestorms, meteor showers, and acidic clouds which can shift in intensity without warning. The number of eddies into the region are few and far in between, though once entered there are numerous safe pathways between the various local realms. The danger involved in entering the region has left it unexplored for centuries, with explorers breaking through only in the past century.   Numerous rich realms lay within the Neahmidath, many of them completely uninhabited. These realms have unusually high deposits of precious metals, gems, lumber, herbs, and other resources. In addition, the region has more minor realms than usual, including some only a few miles wide. These realms have made for bases and wayposts for both legitimate explorers and pirates.   Of course, the preponderance of riches and lack of heavy military presence in the area makes it rife for piracy. Traders and haulers alike moving through the area have to be incredibly careful to avoid drawing the attention of a hungry pirate crew that will run them down, plunder their ship, and take them hostage (if they're lucky), put them to the sword (if they aren't), or sell them to dofleini slavers (if they're unlucky).   The area is currently rife with tensions as the different interests vie for control. The Daren and Heshians have been accusing each other of hiring privateers to raid each other’s ships. There has been no proof of this officially happening and both the King of Dare and the Heshain Dux have denied the accusations. Meanwhile, the Bláthaofa have lost several of their settlements and believe the Doflein are behind it, while the Doflein claim they have only been wiping out pirate hubs.
Alternative Name(s)
The Color Void

Cover image: by Denis Khusainov


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