Lyipre Taus

The Lyipre Taus (Arkronian for "Silver House") is an old noble residence in the city of Thera, Republic of Arkron on Tashur. Originally constructed in the middle of Arkron's kingdom era as the home of the governing Arachimede family, the home was transferred to private interests following the defeat of the Arkronian Kingdom and subsequent establishment of the Republic. It is currently used as the headquarters of the Society of Knowledge Seekers.  


The Lyipre Taus is a four-floor, 5100 m2 mansion containing 70 rooms, constructed in the Arkronian Late Royal style. It has a high central dome at its top, in which is housed a massive crystal chandelier. The entrance is buttressed by two large columns which support the round arch of the central doorway. The majority of the exterior is constructed of gray marble, with silver plating around 50cm wide lining the eaves of the roof and each corner of the mansion. Originally named after the Arachimede family, it is this lining that gives the mansion its modern name.  


In 12 PC, the traditional Prefect's Palace suffered extensive damage in an earthquake, causing the collapse of nearly a third of the structure. Originally, the plan was to repair the damage, but it was discovered that many of the internal supports were unstable and likely would have failed within a few decades regardless of the earthquake. It was then decided to construct a new Prefect's Palace. Construction began in early 13 PC, using marble and stone sourced from a nearby quarry, and was completed a year later.   The palace was used by the family as their residence and the center of the city government for the next 400 years. The Arachimede family were staunch royalists in the Arkronian Civil War. The city fell to the rebels in 422 PC and the building caught fire, gutting the interior. The Arachimede family escaped and disappeared, thus the building sat empty until the end of the war in 426 PC. The building was claimed by the newly formed city council in the name of the Arkronian Assembly. Some thought was given to making the building the civic hall, but it was decided that this would draw too many comparisons to the recently deposed nobility.   Thus the building was sold to a merchant family, the Kormenos in 428 PC, who repaired the fire damage and added the silver plating on the outside. It subsequently passed through several owners over the next 80 years, finally being purchased by the alchemist Venerandus Staurakius in 508 PC. He transformed the building into the headquarters of his arcane organization, the Society of Knowledge Seekers. Since, neighbors began raising complaints with the city council about the strange noises and lights caused by their arcane research. As of yet, the city council has yet to act, potentially because of Venerandus's wealth and influence.

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