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Jovian Youth Culture

The Jovian Alliance is a thriving, interplanetary empire comprising moons, satellites, and cloud cities orbiting Jupiter in the year 2254. Also, it includes mining colonies and trading outposts in the Trojan and Hildas asteroids. This unique empire has become a hotbed for youth culture and sub-cultures to emerge, flourish, and evolve.  

Origins of Jovian Alliance Youth Sub-Cultures

Since the first colonies were established in the early 2100s, it has been a melting pot of cultures and beliefs, giving rise to a unique youth sub-culture among the wealthy classes. These new-wave modernists embrace technological advances without sacrificing the unique heritage that unites them across moons and colonies. Because of the Jovian Alliances' self-styled status as a wealthy nation, teeming with resources, its youth have access to the latest trends and technology, making them increasingly savvy in terms of fashion, music and art. There is a focus on conspicuous consumption in fashion, art, and music, and the youth have become more creative in their expression.  

Fashion, Music, and Art

The youth in the Jovian Alliance have unique sub-cultures with their own fashion, music, and art. They like to show off what they wear and own. Young Jovians are creative in how they express themselves through art, music, and fashion. They have access to a lot of the latest trends and technology which helps them stay up-to-date on new styles. Using 'excess' in fashion is essential, leading to complex hairstyles in a variety of bright colours, layers of clothing, many accessories, bright make-up and the use of temporary tattoos, and high-tech jewellery.   Music is a vital part of the Jovian youth culture. It is often made using new-age technology, such as creating music in virtual reality or customising 3D audio environments. Music production is also heavily influenced by fashion and art, which can be seen through the latest trends in hip-hop, electronic dance music (EDM), rock and pop.   Art is a major part of the Jovian youth lifestyle, with many young people turning to art as an outlet for creative expression. Art is often inspired by the moons, satellites and cloud cities that make up the Jovian Alliance, with paintings being created in virtual reality environments or graffiti being sprayed onto the walls of abandoned buildings in the moon cities.  


Technology has been a major driving force in shaping the youth culture of the Jovian Alliance. It has created a sense of connectedness and a shared interest in art, music, and fashion. Young Jovians have access to the latest trends through virtual and augmented reality platforms, giving them an even greater level of expression. Social networks have become a tool for sharing ideas and connecting people across moons and colonies. The use of technology has enabled young people to think more broadly about their place in the empire, allowing them to explore their own creativity and express themselves in unique ways while maintaining a broadly coherent youth culture across millions of kilometres of territory.  

Social Media and Expression

The youth of the Jovian Alliance have taken to highly monitored social media platforms, such as Lyrical, Pixity, and Apollo, to express their views on politics and other issues. Young Jovians often use art or music to express their views on politics, rights, nationalism, religion, and other issues. These platforms claim to offer a safe place for discussion, allowing users to post their honest opinions without fear of repercussion. However, the Jovian government entirely controls the highly curated Jovian Quantum Intranet, boosting the social profiles of influencers and celebrities supportive of the government’s agenda, while quickly eradicating any dissenting opinions.   Though much of youth culture has broadly responded well to the government line, some young people have responded by using code words and featuring familiar images in their posts to express messages without actually saying them directly. For example, a symbol of three moons might stand in for a protest against the government’s policies, and graffiti of a sleeping moon (or three) symbolises criticism of the government’s willingness to ignore the welfare of its people, while a phrase like ‘I’m just here for the view’ is a popular anti-work meme.  


The youth culture of the Jovian Alliance is an interesting reflection of our own society today. It highlights how technology and social media have shaped young people’s expression, with creativity being a major driving force in their culture. Young Jovians use art, music, fashion, and code words to express themselves without fear of repercussion from the government. This unique sub-culture shows us that even in a highly controlled environment like the Jovian Empire, freedom can still be found in creative expression. The youth culture of the Jovian Alliance serves as an important reminder for all of us to find ways to express ourselves authentically despite any obstacles we may face in our own lives.

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