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Thieves of the Eldritch

Public Agenda

Thieves of the Eldritch wishes to protect the citizens of Scrapbook from overly dangerous Void Anomalies or any other beings. They usually handle taking in Rift beings, and try to track down those with knowledge of confidential information about this process.
The alliance isn't very public, and it uses a cover, which is that when the alliance is together, a war won't break out. This cover is partially true, but most residents of Scrapbook assume that the war would be against the worlds, and not creatures from the Rift.


In the early Year 40 of FEE, Solar Creatures and Void Serpents were discovered. Discovered first by the leader of Drimori's government, Baron Elliot, he alerted his fellow barons of the other planets to the possible threat of these creatures. However, he wished not to alert the general public. So the rest of the barons created an alliance with each other and a few other groups for specialization.

The Branches

The Thieves of Eldritch can be divided up into four Branches, each taking a specific role. These Branches include the Central Branch, the Hunting Branch, The Law Branch, and The Recovery Branch.

The Central Branch

The Central Branch is made of an alliance of each of the planets' main governments. They ensure that the public does not get informed about the Solar Creatures and the Void Serpents. They also ensure that the other Branches do not get caught by law enforcement.

The Hunting Branch

The Hunting Branch is made up of Vinhur's Assassins, The Moon Hunters (and possibly others). They are tasked with hunting Solar Creatures, Void Serpents, and anyone who may know of them or where they are. They are not always tasked with killing these targets, but will do so when asked.

The Law Branch

The Law Branch is an alliance of each of the planets' law enforcements. This alliance prevents organizations participating in the Thieves of the Eldritch alliance to be given serious punishments. They also try their best to silence those that are aware of the plans of the Thieves of the Eldritch that are not part of it themselves.

The Recovery Branch

The Recovery Branch helps citizens who have been injured and repair holes to the Rift as well as minor environmental damage. Those that are recovering are often taken to members of the Law Branch and Central Branch to be dealt with, as no one can know how delicate the Rift can be.
Founding Date
45 First Eclipse Era
Political, Alliance
Civilian Protectors
Government of Drimori
Government of Vinhur
Government of Solignis
Government of Perpmiserra
Government of Lapiserra
Government of Herudumra
Government of Friguset
Government of Calestas
Vinhur's Assassins
The Moon Hunters
Rift Tailors

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