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Table of Contents
  • Addons and Tools
  • The Skyrunner D20 System
  • D20 Player Sheets
  • OOC Information

    The Iron Quill

    Looking for RP trisk, trips and ideas? The Iron Quill is full of resources that you can use to hone your RP Craft, learn new and exciting ways to enhance your writing, and engage with others on all manner of amazing RP Topics.

    Guild Addons

    Required Addons

    The guild only requires the use of two add-ons. These are used for two distinct reasons which allow us to RP on a more creative and specific way. You can find more information about these add-ons in the Twitch Mod menu or simply ask for assistance in installation and set up.

    RP Profiles

    TRP3 and TRP3 Extended

    You are free to use any other RP profile addon you prefer such as MyRP though most of the guild uses the above. We don't require members to go all out on their TRP Profiles but we all enjoy reading them and looking through them to get a better feel for your character. It is also a great tool to use for notes, DiceMaster information that cannot fit anywhere else and other fun tools like an NPC Speech box.

    D20 Manager


    Dicemaster is the in-game addon we use for our D20 roll events, from player abilities and traits to NPC generation for immersion. Usually, our events will use Unit Frames and the Progress Bar but the DM will inform you which parts of the addon will be necessary. We also use it to keep track of when people are typing in RP which is s very useful feature to allow everyone a chance to participate.


    Because we cannot RP our characters every day like we might wish we utilize much of Discord to help the themes and plot of the guild feel more complex and real. Through the use of daily travel posts to indicate what has happened each day as well as places for people to post responses, hold discord RP sessions, send IC correspondence, and more we hope to provide meaningful and engaging character building and story progression. In addition, Discord lets us build a strong community!

    Helpful RP Add-ons

    Tongues- Speak and understand different languages within WoW. This is a great tool to use for characters that are not native tuarahe speakers as the tribe primarily uses that language. It can spur on great RP stories as well.

    Emote Splitter- Allows for multi-box text posting so that you do not have to break up your typing based on the in-game current restriction of characters.

    Listener- Easily track conversations within a large group or individually by your target. This also records conversations so long as you remain in a party so if you DC in the middle of something, not all is lost. The best feature of this addon is that if you are the target of a wow-created emote such as /hail or /poke, of if your TRP or character name is used in any way you will get an auditory chime indicating that the post needs your attention. Great for people that Tab out of the game between posts or in large groups.

    Chatter- Chatter is a text modification addon that for those of us who are blind or want a more cohesive UI setup allows for full customization of the chat boxes even beyond what's provided in-game. Additionally, it allows you to copy text within a window if necessary.

    Helpful PvE Add-ons

    Faster Loot- A small but very helpful addon that removes the loot window from coming up when you loot a body. This shaves a ton of time off each mob you kill.

    Method Dungeon Tools- An amazing addon for PvE content that has a ton of resources for pathing, affixes, mobs, mechanics, and builds for your team. It's an excellent tool to run with as leaders can share tactics with their group at the click of a button so long as the receiving member has the addon.

    OPie- A small addon that adds mouseover wheels to your bars to free up space on your screen. Highly customizable and mouseover dependant for faster response times and a clean UI

    Skyrunner D20 System

    Welcome to the information center on the Skyrunner Dice Systems. Here you will find information regarding our D20 based events, systems, character creation and so much more. It is hoped that with this system we are able to accomplish two things. The First is to create a fun and rewarding system that offered abundant character choice and flexibility so that the player can fully experience the RP of the guild in a way that you want. The Second is to allow for the quick completion of events so that in a large group of people an event does not take 5-6 hours to complete but instead can expedite the process to make events more impactful and fun. Follow the link below to find our Introduction Book on the D20 system as well as further books on character creation.

    Player Sheets

    These sheets are specifically those that are used for Players and Player Characters. The Dice Sheet for each Character is on the right-hand side of each Character Page