FAQ and Additional Information

In this section, you will find all the information you need to understand the IC portion of this guild. There's a lot of information here about culture, values, religion, world-building, characters, and ranks. Most of it is essential to getting the most out of RP with this guild. The more you are able to pull in from the general knowledge provided here the more enriched experience and story you'll be able to gain.


  • Is there an application to join?

We do not require a written application to join the guild. Instead, we have a series of 3-4 questions that we ask you to get a better idea of what you are looking for in a guild and in a story for your character. If we all agree that you'll be a good fit we then set up an IC Introduction on a non-event night. During this introduction of your character, we set up a time, place and reason for their meeting as well as go over any pre-existing backstory you might want to add in for flavor, and then start the intro RP. Unless there are circumstances where your character is in lore a blood-born member of the tribe your character will be titled as an Ally. For more information on Allies see: Farflier/Unblooded/Ally

  • What is your schedule like?

We usually RP in the evenings and on weekends and while we do try to keep things as short and punchy as possible our events usually run Three Hours. Event days are Monday and Wednesday at 7pm server (PT). For more information on schedules see: OOC Information Center

  • I cannot make one of the Campaign Events, or I might be late

Because this guild and story is structured so heavily around a small community of highly impactful players we do have an attendance policy that you can view in the Code of Conduct and RP Pillars page. That being said we do understand that work, family, and other life activities do take place which can cause players to miss a day, possibly a few event days in a row, or be late to events. If this is going to be the case we ask that players get with a member of the leadership team as soon as possible to work out an IC reason why your character might be missing. This is critically important for story continuity and can provide wonderful IC story opportunities!

  • What Server do you play on?

The Skyrunner Tribe is on the Wyrmrest Accord server. We do require that members of the guild have their avatars on WRA and join the guild. We follow Server time whenever we talk about events or meeting times. For more information on schedules see: OOC Information Center

  • Is there a limit on Active Members? What does your community activity look like?

Yes! We are a small guild designed around a maximum of 20 players though prefer to keep our numbers as low as 15. This is a strategic choice that allows us as storytellers to really focus down on the individual player character and get in-depth stories with a much greater connection. We place a high emphasis on player engagement and we want each person to feel as though their character, choices, and actions matter within our story and this is only achieved in small groups.

Our player engagement is very high. Due to the nature of how we tell stories is it critical that each player character comes to as many events as possible as well as engages in downtime RP either in-game or in the community discord. For more information on Attendance see: Code of Conduct and RP Pillars

  • How involved with the general server community of RP guilds are you?

RPing in open events such as the Dance of the Earthmother, open markets, seasonal/holiday events, and the like is incredibly difficult for this guild. The emphasis that we put on Travel Times means that it can take weeks to reach specific locations and the same amount to return back to our campaign. We also have story campaigns that are run almost entirely through Character Choice and action. This means that if characters would not logically choose to leave in the middle of an ongoing story arc then the guild is likely not going to participate.


  • Do I have to use the D20 System?

The D20 system was designed for this guild and it provides a unique way for players to engage within the combat system, however; we also recognize that the system may be too complex for some people and so if you desire you do not have to use the full system. You will still be asked for rolls in combat events or in events that use the D20 system but you will simply be asked to roll out of a 20 roll and told what the outcome is.


  • What Basic Choices can I make for the System?

When you create your D20 Character Sheet you are able to choose your Race, your Basic Class, and a selection fo abilities within that Base Class.


  • Do we only use the system for combat?

No! While the main function of the D20 system is to aid us in combat events we do use it in other story events which may include diplomacy, trade, scouting, or various social aspects that we can use the system for.


  • What Power Level do I start at ICly?

This is a tricky question. We know that many characters join the guild with a history already in place. We are more than willing to work with you to determine what Base Classes might work best for you to reflect the character's scale within our system. However, we typically do not bring in 'hero' level characters. This screws with the power scale of events and reduces the ability for you as a player to experience proper progression and storytelling that is coupled with the D20 system. That being said we are always willing to work with you to determine the best course of action. For example, Doomwinter is a character that joined the Tribe already a DK on paper with an extensive backstory that we worked together to maintain her power level ICly but also work within the D20 system.


  • What Addons do I need?

The Guild uses DiceMaster for our Rolls in-game. This is a required addon. We also highly encourage you to use the notes section, or About section of TRP3 for additional abilities and just having your D20 sheet up and available in combat.

  • How can I customize my Character?

As you progress through level and story you gain access to Unique Abilities you create yourself, the selection of a Prestige Class, Outfitting your character with Items, Armor, and unique weapons created just for you, and various animal companions to aid you in combat and story. All changes in your character can and should be reflected within the D20 System which includes learning new skills, training to increase raw power, crafting items like armor which can reflect your new cool mog. Just like the story points of a campaign change a character's personality the D20 sheet is designed to reflect your character and their choices.


  • Can I craft Items for my Character?

You can craft a great deal for your character including long term items and short term items. Potions, trinkets, blessings, runes, enchantments, armor, weapons, tools, and just about everything else you can imagine can be created and used within the system. We have many characters in place to help create these items alongside you in a journey and story arc for your character.


  • What are Prestige Classes?

Prestige Classes are niche mechanical builds that are introduced to players once they reach a specific point in their character story. These are much more powerful builds that can be looked at like 'hero' classes in a way. They draw from the WoW RPG and In-Game lore to create interesting and unique mechanics and stories for our players.


  • What are Unique Abilities?

During specific points along your character story you will unlock the ability to create Unique Abilities. These Abilities are additional abilities that you can add to your D20 sheet that you create yourself to better reflect your character's unique flavor and abilities. While the Race, Base Class, and Prestige Class provide structure and awesome combinations of story related abilities we also are aware that we simply cannot cover everything that a character can do. These don't have to be combat-related but oftentimes are and give you the option of having signature moves that no one else can do.


  • Is the Tribe Neutral or Horde Aligned?

The Tribe is neutral. We do not hang out with the Alliance by any means but we do not attack them on sight either unless there is due cause. Additionally, we are not part of the Horde. Kwatoko Skyrunner never joined with High Cheiftain Cairne when he called the Tribes together to join the Horde. As such we are considered neutral allies with the Horde but are not beholden to their government, laws, or orders.


  • Does your Guild have Non-Tauren?

Yes. As part of the vision for the future Kanatu Skyrunner and his history with working with other races the tribe is open at all levels for other races. You can check out a full list of our members at Characters. We have specific Rites and a chain of command which you can view at Ranks, Rites and Celebrations.


  • Where is the In-Game Location for the Guild?

The Skyrunner Village is using Ghost Walker Post in Desolace for the In-Game Location.


  • What are World Updates?

World Updates, or Character Updates, are player written blurbs of character activities that do not necessarily need to be played out in-game and are meant to give an insight into a character's day to day life in addition to what they are doing currently within the story and provide story hooks for other players to go and RP with that individual. We post these on Discord for people to read and interact with one another.


  • What is the Notice Board?

The Notice Board is an IC hub of information that might be useful for your character to know. Including information about upcoming activities, a list of craftsman in the tribe, and some tasks that your alts can go on to help the story move forward.


The Iron Quill FAQ

  • What is the Iron Quill?

The Iron Quill is an outside resource of RP, Storytelling, Writing, and WoW Lore help from KnightOwl. Currently, these lessons show up 4 days of the week in a discord channel and walk you through aspects of RP that can either be new to you or reminders that provide practice and a new perspective. Eventually, these will move to YouTube for easier consumption.

  • What are Skyrunner RP Talks?

RP Talks happen once every two weeks and are an open form discussion on all things RP. Topics range from how to tie in your story to the D20 system to creating Backstory to forming Character arcs and even getting into editing and sentence structure and word choice. These are recorded for people to listen to later and provide an open environment to workshop together and increase our skills as RPers!

  • Are these things required?

Nope! while these things are not required for you to join the guild and participate in our stories it's highly encouraged that you at least consider them. These are tools to help you become better Writers, RPers, Storytellers, and to engage more deeply with our craft!

  • I know a cool resource, can I share it?

Of Course! The more knowledge we have the better and everyone can bring different levels of expertise to the table. Simply submit your cool article, video, or blog to a member of the Leadership Team to review and we'll add it to the library for others to check out.

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