Access Denied

"Hey bub! Can't ya see we're workin' here? Unless ya gota standard-issue Azurite infused cold plate hard-hat equipped with the latest of Big Brian Lights then scram! Da Chieftain don't wan' anyone gettin a bump on da head from all the work going on! Besides we got explosives goin' off!"

Unfortunatly, the page you are trying to reach is under construction and will be out soon. Or you are trying to access a page that is for Guild Members only. If you are a guild member be sure that you have followed the page and are logged in but if you aren't a guild member consider joining us to get access to all the information you are looking for! Your patience is appreciated while work continues to go on behind the screen and we get a good polished page of information to you. If your question is one of burning desire that cannot wait then feel free to join the discord and ask away.


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