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Where does this leave us now? The answer is simple, for we are in a better place. Long-term viewers of my show will already know that I have my issues with the corporate control exerted over our beloved sprawl, but if it's a choice between living in a corporate enclave or enslaved by one of those giant bugs, let me join the corps. You know the saying, "Better the devil you know."

Cem Ozturk, host of The Way I See It


The Way I See It is a short, nightly, talk program hosted by anarchist celebrity, Cem Ozturk that is broadcast B1 Trideo through profit sharing arrangements with Ozturk Media. Since the fall of the F-State, Ozturk's rhetoric has become more corporate-friendly to represent the growing influence of the corporations in Berlin.

Historical Details


This issue was broadcast on the third anniversary of the opening of negotiations between the Allied German States and the Corporate Court over intervention in the Flux State.

Public Reaction

Although less influential than he had been in his prime, Cem has a loyal following, and this episode played in 330,000 households live, with an additional 1.9 million on demand views. This episode has generally positive opinions throughout the sprawl, but comments have quickly turned into flame wars over the credibility of his claims.

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3 Dec, 2018 15:35

I like the idea of making a series of these to flesh out events in your version of Shadowrun.   The Public Reaction looks almost exactly the same as the other, though. Instead of copying it from the other, I would be much more interested in knowing more about the reaction to the show and how it influenced things on the ground regarding its action.   Same thing with the Purpose header. That looks very similar to the last one; why not tell us something new, something unique to this episode and the circumstance surrounding it? You can make a main article about the show itself where you have the generic information once and link to the various episodes.

4 Dec, 2018 02:15

I hadn't thought to build a main article, and then link to individual broadcasts from there, but that is a genius idea. You're right about the public reaction - I definitely plan to come back and fill out reaction when the time comes, but the date on the wall is currently the morning of the 14th. I rushed these two out to fluff-fill my conspiracy theorist player during our session tonight. As such, they're definitely still WIP.

4 Dec, 2018 08:25

I look forward to seeing them grow!

3 Dec, 2018 15:44

It's really cool to see worldbuilding around news outlets and the inclusion of the transcript is a nice touch. I do have a question. Since this is, so far, the only article I've read in your world, I wonder what events stemmed from this broadcast and what is the importance of it in relation to the world. A lot of people received the broadcast. Is it a major program that has world wide fame or just in the sprawl. Does this celebrity have the ability to incite riots. Is there more going on behind the scenes? I shall be back to read more on this world since this is based specifically on a single show but I am intrigued. :)

4 Dec, 2018 02:17

He's a bit of a viral celebrity in Berlin proper, and he's a bit fringe, as it were. Most watch the show for an entertainment factor, almost like "Who's he coming after next", and those who take him seriously are the more paranoid conspiracy-theorist types.   His show's got powerful backers, though, and if one follows the money trail upwards, there is definitely something going on.

4 Dec, 2018 03:04

Ah well, there you go. Thanks for cleaning it up :) I have the worst habit of not doing links. Now I have to do it too so many articles it isn't even funny

3 Dec, 2018 18:26

I like the article and the linked transcript is such a nice touch! I would really love to see more articles linked so I can understand the setting and world better.   Nice job!

4 Dec, 2018 02:15

I'd like to link more articles too, I just have to build them out first. :-)