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Session VII: Outmatched

General Summary

After narrowly escaping the rampant police search after their successful breakout, the extended Misfits touched down just down the shore from Anchora, Valland. With their newly-found freedom along with Virelios Castellan's assumed continued imprisonment, the group decided to pull through with the big score Castellan intended for prior to all of their arrests.   Castellan's original plan included: 1. The learning combat warforged stolen from the Wildeburnian airship 2. The matter destroyer stolen from Cromoni's Manor 3. The high-speed state-of-the-art technomagic train   The Misfits had none of these items. Since they needed a train to enter the base in the first place, they elected to use a contact in the black market to get their hands on a few train cars. With that, the seven set out to where the work-in-progress map directed them.   On their way to the assumed abandoned military base, torrential downpour began. Thyreos, who was on top of the train at the time, called out to the rest of the group, yelling through the raging winds and rain. Thyreos, like the rest of the group, thought that this base was out of use. Through the thick weather, the group just started to make out the trademark blue letter P of the Protectors. The train was set on its course and the group could only hope there was no one home.   Upon entering the base, Jinx caused a base-wide blackout to aid them in stealth, as there were, indeed, at least 100 Protectors roaming about the base. Although, despite only causing a blackout, the Misfits noticed that the Protectors seemed to be in full evacuation. The Misfits had yet to learn that the evacuation was to clear the path for the Beast.   Making their way to the Protectors' magic item room, the Misfits began to hear the loud crashes and thumps of Kluk 's arrival, before the hulking demigod found them. A terrifying battle of survival ensued, as the Misfits were barely able to get their own personalized magic items from the Protectors .   Avaahn gained the Chainstrike Dagger, allowing him to dart between multiple targets in the blink of an eye during his assassinations. Jinx gained the Bluetooth Disruptor, allowing her to hack simple systems as a bonus action, and at a distance of 60 ft. Tarik gained the Bracers of Hermes, allowing him to strike several targets within the same turn.   The Misfits were just barely able to escape the compound with both their magic items and several crates to sell on the black market, but not without Balasar holding Kluk from the rest of the group as they made it out. Balasar was killed just before everyone was able to escape.
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
25 Jan 2020


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