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The Silent World

15th of High Winter, the First Year in the Age of Silence

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Once upon a time, there was Magic.   It was an age of Kings and Queens, Knights and Dragons, Wizards and Sorcery. It was an age of Empires which spanned horizons and heroes who felled armies. We lived with legends and rubbed shoulders with giants. Even those of us without Magic knew of its existence, if only vaguely, through the whispers of rumors and the arcane lights which shined from behind the high walls of the elegant castles and breathtaking palaces which separated us common folk from those mighty Mages. That was how things were. That was how it had always been. That was how we thought it would always be.   Until one day... it was gone.   No more magic. No more mages.   Just us, trying to pick up the pieces.

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