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Naturally existing as great round stones, these rocks have properties quite opposite to the normal physical world.  




      Not much is known about the weight of the stone because of its main trait, that it flies up. It is commonly believed that the stones are near weightless and fly by pure updraft. Scollars however know that that can not be possible because of the ammount of Updraft the Stones create. A Flightstone at room temperature can keep up a weight much greater than the air it displaces. Additionally, the updraft is exponential to the Volume of the rock.   Ml = V2 Where V is the vollume of the rock and M is the mass it will take to keep the rock at an equilibrium.   The seccond Trait of the flightrock is that it will get heavier the hotter it gets. A Flight rock that is close to its melting point will weight about 10 times as much as normal rock at that temperature, while a rock at about 0° C Will have an updraft that is calculated as Ml = VV.   Scolars that have attempted to weigh the rock in a Vacuum have noticed that it keeps its floating propreties and wont fall to the ground. It is not known what makes the stone float. The most popular theories all have to do with either arcane or divine magic. They are however not really believable since the stones keep their abilities through powerfull antimagic such as an Antimagic field. There is also no co  

Growth ad Harvest

    Contrary to any other anorganic substance known, the Flightstone grow and never seize to grow, although the growth slows down significantly the older the stones get. It is not known if there is an end to this growth or if there is a limit to the size of flightstones.   The stones grow in the dreaded Stonegardens, where they usually penetrate the earth at about a radius of 1m. They then float up into the skies slowly and, if not collected float away into the skies never to return. There are bigger stones, which are suspected to grow deeper in the earth and therefore need more upwards force to break through the ground. These are the ones that are harvested.   The harvest of the stones is done at a height of about 400 Meters with airships specially made for that very purpose.


Boiling / Condensation Point
not known
Melting / Freezing Point
3500°C boiling point
Common State

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