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The Areigeu (aɾejgɛw)

The Areigeu, meaning "Lord of the Sea" is a mythological great beast that is said to lurk in the depths of the Verrau and Saudes seas by sailors from The Sisters.   Often the subject of maritime superstition and myth, the Areigeu is blamed for the disappearance of many ships, with legends claiming to have seen her emerging from the sea and devour entire ships whole. According to the most common stories, the Areigeu claims dominion over the sea winds, and any storms are an omen of her wroth.  


The first tales of the Areigeu come from long before even the Kingdom of Euketdes. In folklore and song, the stories tell of a great split in the earth from which the Areigeu slithered. In this tale, the Areigeu was confronted by the colossal Anhiedor, the Stormbringer. A divine being according to Avinaulae tradition, Anhiedor was able to cast the Areigeu aside from where she would then retreat into the Saudes sea and make her lair.   Vengeful of this defeat however, the Areigeu would seek vengeance on Anhiedor and with their realm being that of the storms and seas, would leave their lair seeking out Anhiedor once again. It as these times, in great storms and struggle, that the Areigeu may encounter those at sea, and strike at any who dared encounter her.  

Cultural Importance

The tale of the sea-lord is common and well known throughout The Sisters and strikes fear in many a superstitious sailor. Many who will cross the Verrau and Saudes seas visit the temples of the Avinaulae, seeking the protection of Anhiedor and Seiukidi Ligeuatar. Additionally, of areas with a strong naval tradition, sea dragons and monsters adorn their ships, armour and heraldry. The Areigeu is a symbol of strength and vengeance for many seeking to instill fear in their foes.   The oldest recorded monarch of the Euketdes Kingdom took the tale of the Areigeu as their inspiration and was known as 'ao Galhageu", the Sea-Dragon.   At Vaedogonhes, (the site of the short-lived kingdom of Sajau) a large statue depicting the Areigeu sits. Erected in 783 A.S., and made of marble, it is one of the most recogniseable symbols of the city to this day.  
In the summer storms comes the Areigeu. Come to us o' Anhiedor, protect us once again!
— A common invocation amongst the sailors of The Sisters
The Lord of the Seas

Class Monstrum
Clade Draco Marinus
Diet Unknown
The World Atlas
An atlas of the world, produced by the scholars of Breidhem.

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