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Kingdom of Breidhem

Written by Jurz

"Clinging to their ships and that wind-blasted rock they call a home.." -
— An unknown merchant
  The Kingdom Of Breidhem (Breidhemal: Shair Breidhema) is a sovereign kingdom sitting on the southern shores of the great continent. Founded in 645 A.S. by Jans 'Masaisagh', the kingdom is no more than a regional power, more interested in trade and exploration than any meaningful overseas ventures.  



The Breidhemal are known as an adventurous people, more at home on their ships and in the markets than on some grandiose conquest. Often described as having green-blue eyes and hair ranging from auburn to black, their appearance is of a rather motley nature.  


As a hub of trade and sailing, the Breidhemal oft worship a variety of gods imported from across the sailing routes. With no state mandated religion, there is a large degree of religious autonomy within the realm. This makes it an attractive proposition for the less religiously inclined.  


Located within the capital city of Sheimbran sits the Topaz group, a royal company licensed for the production of fine metalworking and limited gunnery. As expected, Sheimbran therefore has an insatiable appetite for goods and wares; a fact merchants from across the region are all too happy to satisfy.   On the shores of the Sea of Valjos, seals and penguins thrive due to the waters teeming with rich fish stock. Fishes, Lobsters, Oysters & Clams are favourites of the Breidhemal people and their markets teem with the smell of the sea; their harbours with the sound of the days catch.   Hugging the mouth of the river Nernoi, lumber from the Kaaraghal woods finds its way south and to the great shipyards of the kingdom. Travelling up the river gives Breidhemal merchants access to the Novārkan Berkhumen. A wry people with their many settlements along the Nernoi, their markets in turn flow with goods from as far north as Zheiken Nariza-Sermis and from the mighty Lake Nozzhava.  



Breidhem was founded in 645 A.S. when a warlord, Jans 'Masaisagh', lured by stories of the knowledge of Sheimbran, would conquer the island and make it his new capital. Many of his people would in turn flock to this new home from the ruins of the Old Kingdom to the north.   Focussing on the bounties of the sea and trade, Breidhem was able to explore and expand along the coasts, eventually founding the settlements of Sev and Sheinsenen, with domains now stretching from the Sea of Valjos to the Viscen passage.  

The Sea Raiders

Ultimately, Jans 'Masaisagh' would not be the last warlord to show interest in Sheimbran or her fledgling realm. Further warlords from the north would also attempt to take the city but would be held back by the Breidhemal maritime strength. This would not hold back everyone however.   The histories tell of further sea raiders who would also in time attempt to take and pillage the kingdom. In 821 A.S., raiders from the east would thoroughly plunder Sheimsenen, to the point that very few of the original inhabitants remained. The sea people (as they were known), are described as hulking men, with ragged beards reaching down to their stomachs, with little regard for hygiene or the finer things in life. How much of this is embellishment on the part of Breidhemal scholars is not clear. However, overtime, the number of these foreign raiders would dwindle, and the raids would even stop entirely.
Kingdom of Breidhem

Breidhem Banner.png

Foundation 645 A.S.
Governance Hereditary Monarchy
Capital Sheimbran
Ruler Jans VI
Language Breidhemal
Religion Mixed
The World Atlas
An atlas of the world, produced by the scholars of Breidhem.
Controlled Territories

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