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Iuao Lharitas (iwos ʎaɾitas)

The Iuao Lharitas (from Bastajau, meaning "Books of Grace") are a collection of stories and scriptures considered sacred in ao Nalwaes, the dominant faith of The Sisters.   Among the scriptures are instructions, stories, poetry, songs and prophecies that are learnt and protected by the dedicated priesthood, the Brides of Amatas. Due to tradition, men are forbidden from ever touching the sacred scriptures, as women were the chosen servants of Amatas.  


According to the Brides of Amatas, the Iuao Lharitas was prescribed over several centuries by dreams bestowed upon the priestesses by the Avinaulae; so that they could properly praise and worship Amatas the Divine.   According to legend, the first complete version of the Iuao Lharitas was assembled on a patchwork collection of poems, scrolls and scratchings, in a more archaic version of the Bastajau tongue. After the Shattering however, all of these tales were placed within one sacred tome.  


The Chapters

As men are forbidden from ever touching the Iuao Lharitas, the Brides of Amatas learn and are able to recite the full content of the texts before they reach the age of 21, if they fail to do so, they are usually expelled from the order and serve the divine in other ways. For laywomen to learn and be able to recite the entire texts from memory however is considered a highly prestigious feat, no matter the age. Many advisors, teachers and healers seek to achieve this during their lifetime, though it is not a task available to all, due to the studious requirements.   The Iuao Lharitas is seperated into 5 chapters:
  • "Ao Amata", the story of initial salvation at the beginning of the world.
  • "Zarrakidi", a collection of poems and songs detailing the descent of the Avinaulae.
  • "Maedas", a collection of guidance on how to live and morality - forming the basis for the Maedatar, how the knights and warriors of The Sisters live and die.
  • "Ao Nalwaetas", short stories regarding the nature of leadership and power. The nobility, monarchs and priests of the land are expected to learn and know these.
  • "Avinakidi", the final and most sacred text. In this chapter, the nature of life and death is revealed, as well as the prophecy of the final salvation, when Amatas the Blessed will once again cleanse the world.


Included with the main body of the Iuao Lharitas, the Brides of Amatas also now add an additional component when providing copies to local temples and regions, infact, no place of worship is considered complete without these.   Iuao Remendedorar, ("the book of healing") is a series of manuals and diagrams provided to the priestesses so that they may in turn, produce poultices, remedies and potions of a magical nature. Though not usually provided to the common person, the Brides of Amatas prize their healing abilities highly and the Iuao Remendedorar is a valuable part of that.  
Excerpt 1 of the Iuao Remendedorar by Jurz
Excerpt 2 of the Iuao Remendedorar by Jurz
Excerpt 3 of the Iuao Remendedorar by Jurz

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