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Bastajau Language (/Bas-ta-ʒaw/)

This is just a summary of the language, the full google doc can be viewed here
  Bastajau is the language of the sistermen that is widespread in The Sisters region, notably the four major realms of Latua, Dorada, Alsada and Padaoza.   Though the language is commonly understood across the entire region, key differences have developed over time, leading to a sub-set of accents and dialects that diverge greatly in some ways.   Bastajau, as the language primarily of the priesthoods and noble orders, remains as the lingua france and literary language. It remains in high esteem regardless and many nobles are sent to learn it at religious schools during their youth - perpetuating the literary survival of the language.

Writing System

The Gaelas Script is the writing system that was designed for use and transcription of the Bastajau language. Commonly used by the nobility for communication and cartography, such as on this map of The Sisters.   It is nevertheless considered an art form in itself, due to the complicated nature and usage of the "Jewels of Samra":


Bastajau has 21 consonantal sounds:
Labial Dental/Alveolar Plain Dorsal Labio-Dorsal
Nasal m n ɲ
Plosive Voiceless p t k
Voiced b d g
Fricative Voiceless f s ʃ
Voiced v z, ð ʒ
Approximant l ʎ w
Rhotic ʁ, ɾ ʁ
With a further 7 vowel sounds:
Front Back
Close i u
Close-Mid e, o o
Open-Mid ɛ ɔ
Open a a
As well as 6 Diphthongs:
Diphthong Spelling
aw au
ɛw eu
iw iu
aj ai
ɛj ei
uj ui
  Additionally, most sounds are given their own characters, rendering the Bastajau language quite phonetic when spelled. The except to this is dei, which due to an allophonic sound shift can represent either /d/ or /ð/.


See Also

Lacking a case system, Bastajau exhibits a strict SOV (Verb-Subject-Object) syntax. Additionally, adjectives usually preceed the modified noun. All nouns in Bastajau are one of two genders however (Abstract and Physical gender) and articles must agree with noun gender. Articles do not reflect noun number however, so it is either left to context or relies on the inclusion of a specific number. For example: "ao Anhi" = "The wind(s)", an abstract noun, so "ao" is used. "se lha Ombrao" = "The six hill(s)", a physical noun, so "se" is used.
Common Word Formations
Many words can take on a diminutive suffix and with the addition of prefixes and suffixes, many nouns can also become adjectives or verbs and vice versa:
  • "Eiska" - Wealth -> "Eiskakidi" - an Entrepreneur lit. "wealthbuilder"
  • "Aranho" - Lake -> "Aranhalo" - Lakelet lit. "little lake"
  • "Padu" - Ship -> "Padugrador" - Maritime Scientist lit. ship expert
Translation Sample
"Show them no mercy! For you shall receive none!"

"a: Hello, what is your name?"
  "b: Hi! My name is Wanad of Vaedogonhes. I'm here on business."
  "a: Have you had a safe journey?"
  "b: Not bad.. the seas were kind."
  "a: So, what brings you to Eustanada?"
  "b: Order business - please stay out of my way!"
  "a: Well.. ok."
  "b: Goodbye, i will not cause terribleness."

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22 Dec, 2022 06:40

Wow! Learning to speak a known language has been a challenge, but creating one, now that's an undertaking. Is there a real world language you based Bastajau on?

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
2 Jan, 2023 12:34

Not really! I really liked the sounds of some Iberian languages, and i wanted to experiment with creating a an Abjad script that allowed for a lot of vowel combinations. And that is how Bastajau and the Gaelas came to be :)

3 Jan, 2023 00:53

That's why the vowel sounds sounded familiar to me. Soy aprendo Español. This is great, keep it up!

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger