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Ao Nalwaes

The Statue of Veilha Amatas by Jurz
Ao Nalwaes is the pre-eminent faith system that dominates The Sisters region of the continent. Governed according to the scriptures of the Iuao Lharitas (lit. "Books of Grace") that are housed deep within the catacombs of Nuvelhada, in the Principality of Alsada.   Adherents to the religion, known as the Nalwésedors are relatively culturally homogenous due to their proximity to the principalities region. However, there has been historical splits based on the nature or belief in the Avinaulé (lit. "Divine Heralds"), the lesser beings said to have descended to the world upon its salvation by Veilha Amatas. Contrary to the majority opinion, the Nalwésedors based in the Principality of Latua affirm that the heralds are themselves just other facets of Amatas, as opposed to entirely separate entities, as taught in the Iuao Lharitas. This religious schism, is as of yet unresolved, but a source of ongoing tension.   Ao Nalwés began as a small sect during the early days of the Kingdom of Euketdes, before being adopted and spread during the expansion of the kingdom.  


Ao Nalwés simply translates to "The Tradition" in the language of the principalities, known as Bastajau (lit. "Sister-tongue"). ao Nalwés is not used in the sense of a name of a coherent religion, rather it is simply how the dominant religious system is referred to, as a tradition of the people. Nalwésedors by contrast, just translates as "those who continue the tradition".  

Core Beliefs

Salvation of the World

As stated in the Iuao Lharitas, the beginning of existence was a time of nothing but suffering, evil and eternal darkness. Disgusted by this realm of cruel gods and madness, Veilha Amatas would set about seeking to redeem existence. Through vanquishing of the lesser gods and via organisation of the universe, Amatas would cleanse eternity.   Now alone in the silent void, Amatas would weep and howl and in turn, the world would come into being. At long last therefore, Amatas would then create the Avinaulé to descend upon the world and populate and govern it. Through this, the heralds of Amatas would shape, give life and gift the essence of magic to the world.   The salvation of the universe was not complete however, and those beings that escaped Amatas' wrath would also descend into the world, seeking to pollute and destroy. With their discord joining the world, evil and suffering would once again come into being. It is this, that the Iuao Lharitas dictate will one day end the world, prompting Amatas to once again cleanse it and create a paradise for the unpolluted; the worthy.  
A Bride of Amatas by Jurz

The Brides of Amatas

According to the rites of ao Nalwés, women were created first by the Avinaulé to eventually serve as the wives of Amatas the Divine. As the first-born of the divinities women therefore hold the dominant role in society and in religious custom. This has led to the development of Euketdes tradition.   Furthermore, the most pious and devout of Amatas will join his priesthood and take no other husband but him. Through service of the will of the divines, the Iuao Lharitas is studied and all religious ceremonies carried out accordingly. Treated with such high reverence, it is virtually impossible for a ceremony to be sanctified without a priestess present, from birth, to marriage and death.   As a bride of the divine, the Iuao Lharitas guarantee the roles of women in society and legally protects them from harm, exploitation or abuse. Striking a woman for example, who are all brides of Amatas, is considered one of the most accursed actions in society and usually, met with immediate execution.      

The Long Sleep

"Their songs shall fill the air and your kin should weep not; for you are with the brides of the divine and in the hands of Amatas the Blessed now. The scent of Talarka shall fill the air and your soul will know; you await salvation."
"Avinakidi" - the final book of the Iuao Lharitas
With evil once again in the world, came death. For the Nalwésedors therefore, the body must be cleansed and preserved in anticipation for salvation. At death, the Brides of Amatas will clean, shave and wrap the body, whilst reciting the songs of the Avinaulé and weeping for the deceased. Usually a private familial ceremony at home, it is often said that this process is beautiful and touches the soul. It is however considered bad practice for the family to speak or cry during this, as awaiting what comes next is a great honour for the dead.   Once prepared for finality, the priestesses will publicly carry the body on a palanquin, singing all the while, and proceed to the "Halls of Amata". Usually found underground, these huge crypts are the final waiting place for the deceased as they are interred in the halls.   It is said that if the dead served Amatas in life, respected the first-born and acted with honour, then upon salvation of the world, Amatas will also descend upon the halls and re-awaken the departed. An eternal and undying life for the worthy.  

The Halls of Amanatar by Jurz


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