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Dreamsharing refers to the act of transferring memories from one individual to another. These memories can either be factual or fictitious (such as dreams), as long as the memory is strong enough to be transferred.


Only Elves and their subraces are able to dreamshare, though the rituals used to practice it have been lost to the Drow in particular for centuries. The surface Elves still practice the rituals of dreamsharing quite regularly in their homeland of Il'ithani Empire, however their exile and in turn the exile of the Drow to Nelmatos has left the Drow without the knowledge that they are able to dreamshare.
Metaphysical, Astral

The Ritual

In order to perform the ritual required to dreamshare, two elves must make physical contact, usually through their palms, and enter a semi-meditive state. The individual leading the ritual must connect to The Weave and funnel the memories through this connection into the second individual. Once this connection is established, the other individual may begin to transfer memories from their mind back through this connection. Both parties are unaware of the outside world during the exchange.

Notable Instances of Dreamsharing

Harrahaul taught the Drow adventurer Drathir Lá about Dreamsharing. He was able to transmit memories of the Il'ithani Empire to Drathir, and in exchange Drathir showed Harrahaul his visions of the Moon Goddess Sehanine.


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6 Jan, 2023 14:54

Love the detail about Drow having forgotten how to Dreamshare. I like seeing parts of worldbuilding that touch on "what did the world forget or history not record". It's a cool bit of deep time that I don't get to see too often in most notes.   ----------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my World Ember page.

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Thanks so much! We're very excited to see the repercussions come up in our game, there's a LOT that the poor Drow have forgotten