Unwilling Cavalry

The birds flew overhead, all in one direction. Deer pranced around the watcher...all in the same direction. Finally, out from the treeline burst several horsemen. However, on closer look, they were literally part horse, part man. A man's torso stretched unnaturally from a horse's neck region. They were armed with spears and axes, but in no time the watcher was on his feet with his bow up...before an arrow was lodged through his skull. A centaurs trotted out from behind some bushes, holding a gnarled bow. These were the supreme cavalrymen, the only ones who could claim the title of elite cavalry.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

A human's torso comes up from where a horse's head would start. Thus, the anatomy of this creature is quite complex. It has six limbs, two horse legs and two arms of a man. The beast's heart is located in the man's chest, along with most other organs. The horse's body seems to be empty of most organs but maintains the circulatory system, digestive system, and of course muscles and skin. The man bears some horselike characteristics, like a mane and rectangular eyes.

Genetics and Reproduction

Mates and reproduces much like a horse.

Growth Rate & Stages

Follows the growth cycle of a horse, not a man.

Ecology and Habitats

Woodlands and plains, along with hills and sloping mountains.

Dietary needs and habits

The beast eats like a human does, only they prefer wine and alcohol above all other sustenance.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They roam in herds along with the other Cloven. They are drunk creatures, often unable to reason until they run out of drinks, then they go on a rampage, slaying mankind with the rest of their herd.


Unlike the regular horse, centaurs could never be tamed by man. They are the definition of wild.

Facial characteristics

Rectangular eyes, often colored amber or bright green. Long, tangled mane that flows from the scalp to the end of the back.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All throughout the Rotwald, and straying into Welterwall and South Sundria.

Average Intelligence

Low for a man, high for an equine.

Perception and Sensory capabilities

Good hearing, but other than that it is much like a human's senses.

Civilization and Culture


According to Sundrian tales, centaurs were born from a group of horsemen who thought they could be stopped by no man. It was not man who questioned them, though. One of the Lords of Instinct named Mauros came to them. He claimed he could give them anything they wanted. They asked that they and their descendants would never be forgotten as the best horsemen. Their wish was granted. As they sat upon their horses, the steeds began to buck and scream. In a few excruciating moments, the centaur was born. They were a cruel mix of horse and man, but their wish was granted. They are never questioned as the best horsemen.   When the Ramatorians conquered Sundria, the Cloven were being killed by the dark onslaught. A great war ensued, where the Cloven learned to fight together. Minotaurs, satyrs and centaurs became allies of convenience. However, the centaurs were burned into the Ramatorian memory. They were a feared cavalry, fighting as knights and archers. Though their equipment was crude, nobody could argue that their horsemanship was incredible. They dodged and weaved between tress annd lept over fallen logs, fighting as one. However, the Ramatorians pushed most of the Cloven into the Rotwald, where they all but conquered the region.

Art by Kekai Kotaki
They all come from the same place: the darkest and most desperate minds of humanity.
30 years
Conservation Status
Body tint, colouring and marking
The horse's color is transferred to the human's skin.


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