The Shard

Year 3,839 after the Age Breaker

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This world is doomed. Everlasting wars have been waged upon the field of battle, and now it is time for those battles to come to the bloody end.   The kingdoms of man are tearing themselves apart, fighting on all fronts against the very ones that they should be aligned with. They are unaware of the threat that lies beyond their borders. The goblyn tribes speak of the return of a that will bring them into greatness forever.   The alvyr tell rumors of a greater war..greater than the ones fought between kith and kin. The great threat is returning.   The therian cults...they rise again, ready to replace man with savage beasts! They fight with tooth and claw, aligned to no one but themselves.   The dwarrow realms stand resolute, but their honor has led to their slow demise.   All of them stand on a blood-soaked field, ready to drench themselves in the gore of their foes all over again. But this is for vanity, for a greater threat still lurks above the cold dunes. The end is approaching...and nobody can change it...


  • Map of Felldom

    The map of the entire shard, including all important locations.



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