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Sapienta, the Jewelled Serpent

"Understand that what I tell you is a universal truth. Everything in life is to be taken."
  Few pirates of the now Saggaran Islands operated west of the Carrylean Sea, but Sapienta never saw a line she didn't dare to cross. She plied the waters off Avacii with impunity, taking the choicest of merchant vessels - when the Carryleans or their allies would hunt her she would vanish, and in their absence the pirates of the Eastern Reach would rampage. It was rumored that in the end the great Kings of the lower neck paid her a kings ransom to leave their ships be, and perhaps to choose her next targets.   Sapienta is said to possess mysterious powers, though much of it may be ascribed to her miraculous escapes and daring raids in the most dangerous of seas. She is said to revel in her legend and embraces a larger than life personality. Those whose claims to have met her seem to have some veracity say she is a slim, petite woman whose demeanor belies the ferocious rumors that surround her.   Nefeli believes she is involved in hanging members of the Blessed Leaf   Quintus Bartholomew Marion brokered a deal with Sapienta to exchange operations in their respective cities

Current Location
Year of Birth
994 (38 years old)

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