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Lumenachus Garfakion

"What was is what will be again"
  A respected scholar from the Grand Academy of Windmere, Lumenachus has taught many of the brightest minds of the Known World, and many of the dimmest but most important, sons and daughters of nobility. A man of eccentric tastes he is known for his artistic production which, even if his knowledge and learning were to be ignored, would surely have catapulted him to fame. In the days since the ash changed the world he has lived a quiet life, studying the esoterica of the worlds both old and new for aims unknown.   Lumenachus has arrived in Hampsterdam looking to research a strange plague occuring in the Sagouri Swamps   Lumenachus Garfakion accompanied the Guardians to Meggido where continued to research the strange Plague  

The Plague

  Lumenachus has confirmed much of what he already knew, that the plague has shown up principally in the Sagouri Swamps and has been spreading only recently from that point. Minor contagions have broken out but been confined. The symptoms rapidly shift.   He says that the Penitents have taken in many of the plague victims in hospitals both in Meggido and around the Sagouri Swamps.   He has found several cases where people were "cured" but none that works universally for the many instances of the plague.

Current Location
The Settlement
Year of Birth
961 EA 71 Years old

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