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Kaireck Lousange

"Balance in all things keeps peace, a disaster of Waxwing's proportions demands that now we be our best in order to restore order"
  Joey the Sorcadin heard this man's name from his Dead Drop, a Rui agent seeking out a lead on the elusive Nero.   Letter from Nefeli in Meggido :
Enough of that, on to the task at hand. I have spent weeks now investigating Kaireck Lousange with as much discretion as possible, the shadows here are giving with information if you have the coin but I cannot tell how many whispers ripple with my inquiries. From what I can gather he was known to be a fisherman with associates at a waterfront tavern called the Whiskey Fish, known to be a haunt of the pirates. I also discovered he patronized Beggar's Alley, a poor area near the mud wharves where many of the homeless lurked. I'll be investigating these areas in the coming weeks, and I will send you more information when I have it.
  Nefeli , still weak and fatigued from the Dream Plague, speaks with you of her findings : "Kaireck Lousange.... missing, for months, was still alive, a pirate let slip... he was taken by some mercenaries into a place called the 'Underhalls', I was looking for them when... this happened...'

Current Location
Year of Birth
981 (51 years old)

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