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The Seven Systems

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Welcome to The World of The Seven Systems

First, there were the twin planets, Astra and Gaia. But that was no enough, and six more Systems came to be. Who knows how many Systems there is yet to be found.   Welcome to the World of Seven Systems. An expanding realm that still carries many secrets even for its creator.

What is The Seven Systems?

  The Seven Systems is a project multiversum of mine, one that will be filled with all the things I love. It started from two planets and then expanded when two was not enough anymore. Magic, magipunk, science fantasy, everything has its place in the world of The Seven Systems.   The Seven Systems is a very much work in progress and only time will tell, what will become of it. I have a dream about one day being able to be a game master in a campaign that takes place in The Seven Systems, but until then, it will be my personal playground.   Welcome, stranger. I hope you enjoy your travels here.  
  • LadyChimere