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Thyre Adarí

Thyre Adarí

Thyre Adarí was a bounty hunter near the end of the Eighth Universal Age.  


  He was the son of Elar and Keya Adarí, and the brother of Eltaor Adarí. He lived on Kelova (one of the islands off the Kárydir mainland's north-west coast) for eighteen years, then used his savings to hire a ride to the mainland, where he immediately set out to become something other than a fisherman, which would have been his fate had he stayed.   Adarí found a job working for a weapon-school, which is where he learnt to fight from the grim Rakus Ev, a master of the sword, axe, and bow, as well as unarmed combat. When his education was finished, Adarí left the school and travelled to the capital city of Eledralë, where he learnt how to be a bounty hunter from an ancient mercenary named Kyzquro and his apprentice, Shura. When Kyzquro had taught him all there was to be taught, Adarí returned to Kelova, where he met his family. It had been four years since he had last seen them. He expected them to be proud of him for achieving so much, but his parents were disgusted, and his brother was afraid. Enraged, Adarí slaughtered his parents, but left his brother, who swore vengeance.   Adarí next travelled back to the mainland, where he took his first job as a bounty hunter. Over the years, his jobs would lead him to the Kahsin Torach Union, and, by extension, Deathwatch. Eventually, he sold his services almost exclusively to Deathwatch and its allies, turning away completely from his peaceful upbringing.   Years later, when Adarí was escorting a caravan heading to Gulkur, he was faced by a renegade elf who called himself Starflame, and a nauranni shapeshifter at that time known as Eldreth. Both had dedicated themselves to obstructing the goals of Deathwatch as much as they could, and their mission had led them to the caravan that Adarí was guarding. They were after a cube that not only held important information about Kárydir, but was also part of the most powerful weapon the Kingdom had ever seen.   The elf and the naurann attacked the caravan, disabling all the other guards before going after the cube, which Adarí had kept in his possession for safekeeping. Adarí duelled Starflame down the River Tárkis, before he tricked both the elf and the naurann, stunning them and throwing them in the river. That was the last Adarí saw of the duo for a while, until they showed up again, this time accompanied by his long-lost brother Eltaor and a Rogue known as Hex. Adarí was furious that they had survived, and unleashed himself. However, he barely got away from the confrontation alive, as the elf was much more powerful than when they had last met, and his brother Eltaor was now a force to be reckoned with, having been trained by the mysterious spirit known as Lúthcarathë.   Adarí escaped to lick his wounds, vowing to kill them all. The bounty hunter clashed repeatedly with the group after that, especially after they joined forces with a group of rebels seeking to destroy Deathwatch. But for all his training, all his expertise, all his ruthlessness, nothing could stop Adarí from being slain by Eltaor after he proved that he was past the point of no return.


Thyre Adarí

Brother (Trivial)

Towards Eltaor Adarí



Eltaor Adarí

Brother (Important)

Towards Thyre Adarí



Eltaor Adarí (Brother)
Shaggy, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.9 m
Known Languages
The Common Tongue, Dwarvish, Qëarya, some of the khud'zarak language

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