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The Eye of Einheryar

The Eye of Einheryar was a magical necklace worn by the leader of the Einheryari.  


The Eye is a polished orb of lapis lazuli, held to a silver chain by a piece of silver resembling three claws grasping the orb. This orb is about ten centimetres in diameter, and the chain is long enough to fit around the average person's neck, allowing the orb to hang down to the collarbone.  


The Eye had numerous abilities, most to do with sight.

Ward Against Magic

The Eye can protect the wearer from some types of magic, including mind control, sense manipulation, scrying, and magical detection.


The Eye grants the wearer with limited glimpses of the future, although the wearer cannot choose what or when is seen. Nor are the visions sure to be the future, as the future can and does change.

The Power of Clearsight

The Power of Clearsight is not a constant ability of the Eye, but can be activated by the wearer with a specific spell. Once activated, it allows the wearer to perceive the true form of everything around them. Tywell III once used this power to perceive that Ralthyr Wazavor was being possessed by a malevolent spirit.  


The Eye was first worn by the leader of the Einheryari, but was lost in 5347 First Age when the Fallen destroyed the Einheryari. It passed through the hands of various merchants and nobles over the years, before coming into he possession of Tywell's mother. When she died, she passed it down to Tywell, who was destined to become the next leader of the Einheryari. Tywell wore the Eye until his death, when it was buried with him.
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