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Korv was the last leader of the B'omarrin Kashar, and was killed in 2767 by Ralthyr Wazavor.  


Early Years

Korv grew up in the East of Tílunur, among the Lövori Mountains. He lived in a small, unnamed village that wasn't on any maps. As such, nobody knew when it was razed by the B'omarrin Kashar when Korv was eighteen. When confronted by rebel agents, Korv chose to join the rebellion rather than die. Although one might think this was simply because of death at the hands of the rebels if he refused, but Korv had long been bitter about the state of his village. More and more people died, less and less were born, harvests shrank, and nobody came to help. As well as Korv, his close friend Demov joined the rebellion.

Joining the Rebellion

Korv and Demov were brought back to one of the rebel safehouses, where they spent the next six months proving themselves to the rebels and receiving extensive military training. Occasionally they ventured out on a mission provided by the current leader of the B'omarrin Kashar, Akaz. After this period, they were transferred to the rebel headquarters of Karazhim. Here they were both promoted to Lieutenant, and given command over a raiding squadron. Korv and Demov continued to run missions into the outside world, most successful, and most together. The rebel leadership preferred to send at least two squadrons on each raid, and Korv's and Demov's talents complemented each other to the point where their superiors were more than happy to send them on the same raid.

A Turn for the Worse

On one raid in the second year of their rebellion membership, Korv and Demov were leading an extensive raid in the South of Tílunur when Demov was killed by resisting soldiers. Enraged, Korv slaughtered the soldiers before fleeing back to Karazhim, leaving his men to die. There he was demoted for his actions, and sentenced to a year running messages within Karazhim.

The Ladder of Promotion

When this year was over, Korv was sent on three missions to see if he was fit for command again. After these missions, he was promoted to Captain and sent on more missions. Over time, Korv climbed the ranks of the rebellion until he was beneath only Akaz and his three supreme generals. This process took eight years, but Korv considered it worthwhile. Now he was where he was, Korv no longer ventured out of Karazhim on missions, instead participating in the numerous war meetings that included Akaz, the supreme generals, and the generals, of which Korv was one.

Eye on the Prize

When Akaz mysteriously died two years later, he named one of his supreme generals his successor. However, this man was mysteriously killed soon after this was announced. Three days later, a war meeting was called, where Korv stated, in no uncertain terms, that the other generals, supreme or otherwise, would give him the leadership of the rebellion, or be killed. Having already gained the support of the army, Korv was confident that his 'colleagues' would step aside. And they did. After thirteen years, he was the leader of the B'omarrin Kashar.

The Ultimate Goal

The last wholescale invasion of Tílunur had been in 2728. Korv wanted to make sure that the next invasion would be the last, one way or the other. It was time for the B'omarrin Kashar to emerge from their caverns in full force, and never return. They would either overthrow the Tílunuren government, or be destroyed. After three years amassing his forces and meeting with his generals to discuss strategy, Korv attacked in 2764. A few weeks prior, he had sent a team of assassins to eliminate the nobility, but they failed. However, this caused the Quest, which arguably led to Korv's downfall. The B'omarrin Kashar lay siege to the Castle, but were beaten back after a month and a half when Tywell III and his friends returned from the Quest on dragonback. They had returned briefly a few weeks before, but now brought with them the Tílunuren army, as well as a powerful ally in the form of the shady warlock Ralthyr Wazavor.

The rebels were defeated, and returned to Karazhim to plan the next stage of the invasion. With Tílunur weakened, Korv launched a series of attacks meant to distract the Tílunurens and weaken them even further. In 2768, the B'omarrin Kashar finally attacked again, seizing the Castle and all of Tílunur. However, a counterattack by the remaining Tílunuren forces destroyed the B'omarrin Kashar. Cornered by Tywell, Korv made a valiant attempt to defend himself, but against a master swordsman like the prince, he had no chance. However, Tywell hesitated at the final blow, and Korv wounded him. Before he could kill the prince, Ralthyr interceded, driving Korv up one of the towers before killing him. Korv's tyrannical life was over.
Date of Birth
1st Rodthr, 2734 Third Age
Date of Death
18 Ilthrir, 2768 Third Age
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Ralthyr Wazavor
Somewhere in the Lövori Mountains
Place of Death
The Castle
Cold, grey
Black, neatly trimmed beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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