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The Seven Quäenaï

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The Seven Quäenaï, or Kingdoms, is the multiverse consisting of the seven realms; Irëduin, Kárydir, the Earth Universe, Erunor, The Rift, Eldayen, and Qarëya. Each of the kingdoms is inaccesible from the others except by stargates, a type of portal. Some of the kingdoms live in complete ignorance of the others, like the Earth Universe, a place where almost no magic works. Others are completely aware that there are six other kingdoms, like Irëduin, a medieval world similar to the history of Earth's western half, and Kárydir, magic incarnate. The Rift? No one in their right mind would choose to go there. Apparently lots of people aren't in their right minds. Erunor is a huge universe full of advanced technology, spaceships, and intergalactic conflicts. Eldayen is the land of dreams and legends, home to stories from all cultures and races. And Qarëya is the home of the Divine, both good and bad, as well as those dead.   I am Lúthcarathë, the Wanderer, and Fiolas, the Dreamer. I am the storyteller of the Quäenaï. I am the one who makes sure all of this will not be forgotten. I was sent to Earth by the Tiuri to make sure the tale of the Seven Quäenaï is remembered...