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Magic is a fundamental force of the Seed Cosmos. It is a way in which the world can be studied, .  


Magic as a force usually bears some kind of personality, but many times, this type of personality is shaped by those who wield it.  

The Seed

Full article: The Seed   The Seed is the cosmic heart of the world from which all things are created, be it directly or from another being. The Seed's power arises with Springs, pools of magic energy that erupt from the earth and coalesce into liquid springs. To acquire its magic, one needs to imbibe the Spring, either by drinking or bathing in it. After imbibing, one acquires an Inner Seed, a replenishing font of matter and energy.  


A Root is a tertiary effect caused by the Seed, in which the Inner Seed of a Mage reaches out and "entangles" with objects  


Full article: Altar   Altars are nodes of arcane power that exist across the world, but most exist in Arthem under Draconic control. Altars require some kind of material and Nomaeic sacrifices to sustain their arcane power. Those that give these sacrifices are granted access to their power and are called "Paramounts". Altars begin formless and without a concrete shape and personality, but as a Paramount continues to feed the Altar, it becomes more personalized, taking on the chosen traits of both their users and the sacrifices they receive. Altars that wane in power eventually lose their potential to create magic and simply fizzle into nothingness.   One of the oldest Altars, dubbed "the Altar from Above", was named so for supposedly being dropped on top of the ancient Sage civilization by the Lord of the Sky.  

Notable Altars

"The Altar from Above" - one of the oldest Altars; associated with light magic; bonded to the Lord of the Sky   The Shimmering Altar - an Altar associated with crystalline magic; precious gems were given as   The Charred Altar - an Altar associated with fire and lava magic;   The Rotting Altar - an Altar associated with necrotic, plague, and poison magic;   The Starlit Altar - an Altar associated with night and moon magic;   The Witness' Altar - an Altar associated with chaotic magic;  


Full article: Vigil   Altars that are continually active can conjure a manifestation of their wills, called Vigils. Most of them stand as guardians to Altars, only allowing those who have offered sacrifices in the past. However, those that best a Vigil in whatever means possible are later allowed beyond the Threshold. Most Vigils are merely a physical shape that the Altar itself controls and manipulates. However, some Vigils become personable enough that they become a distinct individual.  


Full article: Aspect   Altars that exist and bear a distinct personality for long enough can lend a boon to those that it wishes, which are collectively called an Aspect. Aspects manifest as a spirit, which empowers those that it chooses with traits that their respective Altars bear.  

Ritual Pieces

The raw magic of an Altar can be "cracked" and made into a variety of items called Ritual Pieces. Cracking an Altar is a difficult feat for Dragons and virtually impossible for Humans. However, if accomplished, such an act is a great badge of honor, with many powerful Dragons being given the title of "Shrinebreaker".  


Full article: Ritual Sphere   Ritual Spheres are created when an cracked Altar is reforged with most of its pieces and its matter is retained. When the reforging is complete, it appears as a glass sphere with thrumming energy inside of it.   The main advantage of a Ritual Sphere over an intact Altar is its portability. Essentially, its wielder is always within the Threshold, and as such, it continually empowers its magic. Another advantage is its versatility, since it does not permanently make a link with any of its wielders, and as such, a Ritual Sphere never adopts a distinct set of magic. Furthermore, Ritual Spheres cannot conjure Vigils, as they no longer bear a will.   However, the largest disadvantage is their sacrifice requirements. Ritual Spheres "eat" their sacrifices at a much faster rate than Altars, and as such, maintaining a stream of matter and Nomae is important.  


Full article: Ritual Stone   Ritual Stones are created with the same manner as Ritual Spheres, except they are fragments of an Altar. Ritual Stones appear as small jewels and most of them can adopt a particular effect. These appear most commonly among Draconic jewelry as a symbol of status.  


Full article: Ritual Weapon   Ritual Weapons are conventional weapons made from Altar fragments and imbued with its magic. Most Ritual Weapons are badges of honor among the most elite of warriors.  


Full article: Wraithfeasting   Wraithfeasting is a form of magic practiced by the Wraiths. This form of magic is considered profane by Sapiens, since its most central principle is the collection of Nomae, which commonly involves killing others. Wraithfeasting is the act of taking Nomae and "fermenting" it in Cauldrons, vessels that decay the Semblances and rebinds it to the Nomae in a new configuration. The name of the practice itself comes from the great feasts in which Wraiths participate in to rejuvenate themselves.  


A Cauldron is an enchanted object in which Nomae is stored for the process of fermenting Nomae. The fermentation process involves stripping Nomae away from the matter and processing it into raw arcane energy. Cauldrons usually take the form of an actual cauldron, but can appear as anything, from a gem or bell to a hand-held cage.  


Vestiges, known to corporeal races as "Objects of Ruin", are magic items that contains the energy of fermented Nomae. Their corporeal name comes from the Wraith-Queens' Concordat, a deal made between the Wraith-Queens of the Void and the Kingdoms of Ronurne, in which their magic were said to bring ruin upon those who wielded them, but were necessary to fend off Arthem's armies.  

The Queenly Raiments

The Queenly Raiments are a set of special artifacts worn by the Wraith-Queens that not only deem them as rulers of the Wraiths, but also grant them powerful magic.

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