Approximately encompassing the north-eastern section of Harthill, Evansfarm is a solidly middle class area, home to much of Teliávus University infrastructure.  


    Regarded as the second most ‘upstanding’ district in Harthill, after Green Glades, Evansfarm is a predominantly middle class area that is populated by educated professionals and their families. For instance, most of the academics that work for the University reside within the Evansfarm area, as do many of the doctors that work in St Luke's Hospital & Sanatorium. As the majority of Teliávus University colleges are located in Evansfarm, during the University’s terms the district has the youngest average population of the whole town.  


    Evansfarm is well serviced with good roads and utility services, with illuminated streets at night, making it a comfortable place to reside, though the areas around the various colleges do tend to be slightly noisier during term times, thanks to the concentration of students resident within the district.   The north east of the district, centred on the original Evansfarm village is well appointed with local businesses, with a local high street having been long established along the length of Fox Street. The rest of the district has a much smaller density of local businesses, but the proximity of the wealth of shops in the Town Centre mean that this is seldom a problem. In addition, the area around main concentration of the University’s colleges is well appointed with public houses.   Evansfarm has some of the most convenient links to the world outside Harthill, principally because Harthill Train Station is located in the north of the district.  


    The presence of a large number of buildings linked to Teliávus University, means that out of all of Harthill's districts, Evansfarm has the highest concentration of neoclassical edifices, which were constructed as college, faculty and administration buildings for the university.    From the perspective of the residential buildings, those near the boundary with Green Glades and Brewer's Inn mirror the Victorian terraces that make up the majority of the residential stock in those areas, with the buildings bordering Green Glades being rather more spacious than those bordering Brewer's Inn. However, the north east of Evansfarm is characterised by detached cottages and small houses, which gives the area much more of a village feel. This is no coincidence, as the north east of Evansfarm is what remains of the original village of Evansfarm, once a satellite community of Harthill that has since been absorbed to become part of the greater mass of the town.  

Notable Locations

    The majority of Teliávus University's constituent colleges are located within the Evansfarm district:  
  • Skipwith College
  • Thucydides College
  • Queen Elizabeth College
  • Myrddin College
  • Raphael College
  • Pitt-Rivers College
  • St. Dymphna's College
  • Corpus Christi College
  • Dee College
  In addition, as the district is home to the nucleus of Teliávus University, the Teliávus Building and the Theobauld Library can also be found within Evansfarm along with a number of the University’s faculties:  
  • Faculty of Ancient Languages & Linguistics
  • Faculty of Celtic Studies
  • Faculty of Folklore & the Occult
  • Faculty of Geology & Palaeontology
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Theology
  Beyond the infrastructure of the University there are a number of other notable locations in the Evansfarm district. For instance, the district is home to the largest Anglican church in Harthill St Teilo's Church, and the centre of the town's jewish community Davies Street Synagogue  In addition, the large student community means that there are a number of well regarded drinking establishments in the district, with the most notable being the Merry Crossbowman, which attracts a wide cross-section of the district's inhabitants, with locals rubbing shoulders with students and dons alike.


As with neighbouring Green Glades, the construction of most of the buildings within Evansfarm was not done so with the specific desires of tourists in mind, but the districts abundance of neoclassical buildings, many of which are linked to Teliávus University attracts many tourists that visit Harthill, who come to marvel at the area’s architectural splendour. In addition, though they are limited to once a day in term time and twice a day during the University’s vacations, tourists can take tours of the Theobauld Library.   Tourists interested in ecclesiastical history and architecture can also often be found viewing the gothic splendour of St Teilo's Church in the east of the district, known for being the grandest of the places of worship in Harthill.
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