Brewer's Inn

Set in the south east of Harthill, Brewer’s Inn is regarded as a reputable district of the town, noted for its many small businesses and, of course, the Pinkerton Brewery, which lends its name to the area.  


  Brewer’s Inn is the most mixed of Harthill's districts when it comes to demographics, with about 40% of its residents being working class (predominantly upper-working class), 40% from the middle classes and 20% upper class. This multi class make-up is partly due to its proximity to both Teliávus University and the Town Centre district as well as the desirable landmark at its centre, Hart Castle, which has had the effect of rather gentrifying the streets immediately surrounding the old citadel.   Many of the lower class residents of the district work for the Pinkerton Brewery, but many also work as domestic servants employed by the more affluent residents of Evansfarm, who may not have the space within their own homes, to provide space for live in servants.   The nearby Teliávus University also provides employment for many of the middle class residents of the district, but Brewers Inn also has a vibrant art scene located in its Shambles neighbourhood, which have attracted artists, writers and other bohemian types from the middle and upper classes to settle there.   Like Hart Harbour to the west, the Brewer’s Inn district is also a popular choice for students of Teliávus University to find accommodation of their own, outside of the immediate jurisdiction of their colleges.  


  As the district provides direct access to the Town Centre to the west via one of the main arteries entering the town, City Road, the vast majority of Brewer’s Inn’s streets are well paved and well maintained. The Harthill town council are also rather incentivised to keep the roads and pavements of the district well maintained, as most tourists visiting the town will tend to travel to the district to visit Hart Castle.   In addition, the district is regarded as being one of the safest in the south of the town, as it has the Harthill Gaol located within its vicinity. The placement of the gaol here was more of a fluke of history, rather than an indication that their district was once regarded as being particularly rough.   Something which is not a coincidence at all, is the sheer amount of taverns, public houses and inns located in the district, a consequence of having the Pinkerton Brewery located within Brewer’s Inn. This density of watering holes does make the district rather popular with students from Teliávus University during term time, a fact that frequently results in complaints to the university authorities by irate residents.  


  The majority of the architecture of Brewer’s Inn is comprised of plain, but smart and spacious terraced houses, as one would expect in a district catering to the skilled working and middle classes. To make up for their plainer architecture, many of the houses in Brewer's Inn have been brightly painted, giving many of its streets a more vibrant feel.   However, there are two exceptions to this rule. The first is the area immediately around Hart Castle, Castle Boulevard which encircles it in particular, where the buildings are much grander and evoke a style of faux-medieval architecture which echoes that of the castle itself. Many of these buildings are actually genuine historical structures which have been kept in good working order by generations of careful owners over the years, but many have been purposefully constructed to appear contemporary with the medieval citadel.   The other exception to this is the area known as the Shambles, primarily comprised of the streets Fortress View and Harthill Pier, which have managed to retain their terraces of Elizabethan style wood and brick houses, with their projecting upper floors. Indeed, the residents of the shambles are very proud of their unique architecture within the town, and have gone to great pains to ensure that their houses and businesses continue to be maintained in this Elizabethan style and tradition.


As Hart Castle is the focal point of the district, it attracts a large number of tourists, many of whom also explore the quaint streets, quirky shops, cosy cafés and little independent galleries of the Shambles.  

Notable Locations

  Two locations linked to Teliávus University can be found in this district one of the University’s colleges, Castle College and its Faculty of Anthropology can be found on Castle Boulevard, opposite the ancient structure of Hart Castle.   Whilst there are a number of places of leisure in the district, two are particularly notable:  
  • The Old Mail Coach which is notable for being the largest public house in the entirety of Harthill. It is also owned and run by the Pinkerton Family, and its location just across from their Brewery has given rise to the boast that none of their taps have ever run dry.
  • The Guard Street Music Hall, a raucous music hall whose acts only barely toe the line of what is deemed to be acceptable which is located on the edge of the Shambles neighbourhood.
  One moderately sized Anglican church serves the district, St. Arnold of Soissons'.
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