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The Secret Sith War

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This is a fan fiction version of how I think the Star Wars prequels should have been written. A few things in this version of the Star Wars universe is different and new but all of it is based on the great and wonderful world George Lucas created.   There will be three main articles that outline the things I would have done different in Episods I, II and III. The three overarching plot points that I would have changed I will now outline here:  

No chosen one

Anakin Skywalker is not the chosen one. He is not the child born of midicloriens! He is just a very powerful force user. And when we first see him, he is 13 years old and Obi-Wan's Padawan. So it is Anakin that says the line: "I have a bad feeling about this..." at the start of Episod 1.  

The rule of Two is broken!

Something that always, and I mean always, bugged me was that Darth Sidious first had Maul and then Dooku. Don't get me wrong Darth Maul is very cool, but he is a thug and a killer. Not a schemer and leader like Dooku, Vader is of course the perfect blend of the two*. So why did Sidious start whit Maul? Well I have a solution to that problem.   Darth Sidious did start whit Dooku, but just as they where making ready to start their first plan to take over the galaxy. Which was to simply use the Separatists to create the Empire. Sidious discovers that Dooku has been training a apprentice, a ex-jedi and gladiator named Asajj Ventress. Knowing that Dooku did so to kill him and take his place as the new Sith master, Sidious found and "freed" a zabrak slave.   Turing the young zabrak into a killing machine fueled by hatred and a need to take vengeance on a universe that had never been kind to him. And whit his new apprentice in tow, Sidious began a second plan he had held secret from Dooku. A plan in which he would use the Republic he hated so much to destroy itself for fear of a new power in the galaxy.   *Both a loyal attack dog and a clever warlord.  

Anakins doubt

In the prequels that we have Anakin turns to the dark side because he can't accept that people he love might die... WTF! I mean the jedi have many customs that the story could have focused on. The fact that they take infant's from their family's is one. The fact that they are not allowed to marry, or that they claim to be above politics and don't take sides they still fight for the republic.   The one I would like Anakin to be most conflicted about would be the practice that jedi should be separated from their family. Something he was until the events of Episode 1 where he finds himself meeting his mother and father. Whom is non-other then Qui-Gon Jinn. In this version Qui-Gon is a ex-jedi whom was kicked out of the order for trying to stop it from taking his son away from him. Something that imprints the idea that the jedi are far from perfect in Anakins mind, which is something that changes his view of the universe.   If you like my work here you might want to have a look at my other worlds:
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