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Annexation of Ameral

Military action


Then-Grand Master Inato strikes with lightning force against the island of Lanasu, capturing it before turning to a brutal guerrilla war against the remaining islands of Ameral, which ended with his death and Coleric victory at the Battle of Ceria.

Grand Master Inato was ordered by the king to strike against the aggressive kingdom of Ameral in the East. However, he was only given a single squadron and twelve hundred troops, of which only six hundred were actual soldiers while the others were levied peasants and slaves. This was because there was heavy fighting in the western lands and both the Capital Fleet and Western Fleet were fighting there.   Inato was reasonably worried about his troops' ability to fight against the superior-trained Ameralian army. He consulted tactical treatises well into the night, and studied maps of the capital island of Lanasu until he could redraw them by memory. However, he disliked the ideas of all but two of the treatises, thinking them outdated, and burned them while devising his own tactics for a lightning-fast war. He made a temporary shaky alliance with the Federation of Island Provinces, then a fledgling state whose only advantage was human resources, allowing them to take all islands east of the tactically important Lanasu while they took the west.   On October 16, 171 B.U., the king officially declared war on Ameral, giving it 48 hours notice to either bend to their ultimatum or prepare its troops. The king of Ameral reportedly spat on the ultimatum and sent it back to the king, and 48 hours later, on October 18, Inato set sail from port and on October 20, he landed on Lanasu

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