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Fracture of the Ironfoot Empire

Life, Death

5/3 12:00

Absolute Emperor Delria Eminson is assassinated in the then-capital city of Bensloh. This marks the end of the Era of Ironfoot and the beginning of the short-lived Era of Regents

During her reign as empress of Ironfoot, Delria had done many things to further the wealth of the general populace, the farmers, the 95%. Obviously, those that held power in the king's court, the ambassadors, the merchants, and the guilds did not like such actions. The reactionary Guild-Alliance Regicide decided to take matters into their own hands and assassinate the queen, preferring to put one of their own onto the throne. They enlisted the highest ranking family in the king's court as their heir to the throne.   However, Guild-Alliance Regicide did not anticipate one thing: the anger of the general populace at such an action. The Society of Magisters immediately condemned such actions, and the personal squadron of the empress, Fleet of the Rising Sun, launched an amphibious assault on Guild-Alliance Regicide's headquarters, killing nearly all the perpetrators of the attack, as well as the one they had thought to raise as the king's heir.   Now with the king, several guilds, and the highest-ranking family in the king's court dead, the remaining families decided to take matters into their own hands. Thus emerged the seven kingdoms, which would vie for the reunification of the empire for over four hundred years.

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