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Stele of Truth

Society of Magisters, Archives

There is a large, 100-foot tall stele on the mainland supercontinent of Valemar. This is an interesting development. The stele has been documented to exist for at least five hundred years, and the writing on it is is many different tongues, both ones that exist today and ones that don't. Tests have confirmed the Stele of Truth is made from obsidian, and hasn't undergone a single bit of wear and tear from the elements, even after we detonated a large charge underneath it to attempt destruction.
  The Stele of Truth is a known unexplainable object, and magisters report heavy luck-intent manipulations near the source of the Stele. All that approach the Stele become highly devoted to the axioms listed on the rock. It has also been shown to speed up foreign language learning by 132% on average over 10 tests, and similarly have been shown to increase courage and compassion. Due to these properties, the Stele has been designated as a "safe" anomaly, although there are serious side effects linked with the usage of the statue.  

Protocol ETAK

The Stele is a known religious holy site for four (4) major religious sects. Therefore, any form of containment is difficult. However, the site has been entrusted to the Society by ███ ███████████, a former leader of the Order of the Silver Sail. The Society therefore has decided on Protocol Etak.   A twenty-meter radius containment surrounds the massive sculpture, for the purpose of protecting the monument. Outside the twenty-meter containment zone, the effects of the statue are greatly reduced, allowing safe viewing without any side effects. The statue is also closed at night, to allow special testing by agents of the Society.   Currently, the stele is determined to not be of earthly origin. There have been several theories on how the object of interest originated. One such theory is described below.  

Grand Commander Pearsons' Theory

  The Stele was delivered not by any normal means, but through ██ ████████. Credentials Needed: L-level clearance
ETOR (Extra-Terrestrial ORigin) Hypothesis   This hypothesis is the idea that some progenitor species delivered the Stele. This is mostly due to inscriptions in a yet-undeciphered fragment of language in the upper right, that is completely different from languages known to us. It is reproduced below.  
With love, from Earth

Alternative Name(s)
Enigma Stone
Rock Formation
Owning Organization
Society of Magisters

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