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Lanasu (Island)

Shield of Colren

Lanasu's forbidding chalky brown cliffs stand at the gateway to the Kingdom of Colren, just as they did centuries ago. Faithful guardians: once the pride of Ameral, now the pride of Colren.
– Federation Commander Aryl Aban, musing on the rise of Colren
  Oft referred to as "Colren's Shield", Lanasu is a small island, fifty-four kilometers long and nine kilometers at its widest. It serves as the capital of Lanasu Province, in the eastern borderlands of the Kingdom of Colren. Its strategic location confers both military and economic benefits for the Kingdom.


Lanasu is shaped somewhat like a ship, coincidentally being a major naval base for Colren. Cliffs jut from both the western and eastern coasts, providing a natural defense from invaders. The coastal areas are rocky and host a light mixed forest, while further inland the forestation is heavier and the land is flatter.   The western shore is generally more hospitable towards cities, and most of the island’s twelve thousand inhabitants reside there. It contains the coast guard base, the capital, and several smaller towns along the coastline. On the eastern shore, owing to the dearth of flat land beneath the cliffs, there are only three major settlements: two on lava plains beneath the cliffs, and one drilled and nailed into the side of the cliff (Liton Tais). These serve as centers for trade and military, with the Colrian Eastern Fleet based in Port Adan.   Further inland, the Central "Plain" is, in general, drier and harder to access. The soil quality is poorer than on the coast, and owing to this and the fact that you need to ascend cliffs of several hundred feet to reach it, there are no major settlements, with only small farming villages of a few dozen sustaining themselves on the land. However, due to the good vantage point the cliffs provide, reconnaissance posts are maintained at strategic villages.

Fauna & Flora

What life the Crimson Oak doth breathe,
Her scarlet flowers of summer grow,
Her branches hang above in wreaths,
Her redwood roots deeper sink below.
Ode to the Crimson Oak, Cicera
  The island of Lanasu has a maritime climate. A mixed forest covers forty percent of the land, composed mostly of Monarch Pine and the Crimson Oak. The rest of the land has either been converted permanently to farmland or urban areas for cities.

Natural Resources

Many natural resources come from the endemic plants and animals. Multiculture farming, as well as the remnants of luck-fields from the magisters, boost crop and livestock outputs. The location near a subduction zone also means there is plenty of accessible ore near settlements, which have been mined extensively. Notable finished materials Lanasars export include Aeramen-built ships, considered of the best quality, specially forged steel and bronze, prized for its hardness, and a light, pure tasting beer brewed from the Eastern Pipe.

Map of Colren-Mitrand borderland cover
Lanasu Map by ElementalShrike
Alternative Name(s)
Colren's Shield, Gatekeeper of the West (Federation) or East (Kingdom of Colren), Long Brown Line (insult)
Location under
Ironfoot Isles
Included Locations
Governor Larisa Kole
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Colren
Contested By
Related Professions
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Cover image: Morning at Carp Lake by ElementalShrike


Author's Notes

I am really looking for how well the different parts of my article mesh together. Do they seem like separate sections, or completely merged, or somewhere in between? Also, I don't want my article to be dry like a wiki, does this somewhat accomplish that?

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7 Sep, 2018 09:06

Very thorough without being too long! I enjoyed the read. :)   I have one question, or note: how does the shipbuilding affect the island and do they have any problems with it because of it? It doesn't sound like a very large island, and Rome's shipbuilding back in the day played a large part in the deforestation of the Italian peninsula. Since you mention them having a big/strong navy, it made me think of that.   How does this island fit, in context to the Kingdom it belongs to?   Also...  

This venom is used to tip the darts of repeating crossbows and sometimes aerially dispersed throughout the island.
  What do you mean by that? Dropping poison gas on your own country sounds like it might be an issue. :D

7 Sep, 2018 13:22

:) guess that was a slip of the tongue. Corrected that. Also added a summary section in the top of the article: maybe that helps address your first and second questions?

7 Sep, 2018 13:25

That makes more sense. :D How do they disperse it?   Yeah, that helps! And I always think top-article summaries are good.

7 Sep, 2018 13:21

This is a very thorough article. I will point out that natural resources can be things like wood or crops grown, or things found in the sea etc. If you ever want to expand on that section.

8 Sep, 2018 01:55

This is well thought out! I see this as the beginning of an interesting world. However, I think there should be more detail on some things like the geography.

26 Sep, 2018 19:23

Regarding the author’s notes, I don’t see any problem between the different parts of the article. They seem pretty separate, but that isn’t a bad thing. The article isn’t dry per se, but there wasn’t a whole lot that hooked me.

26 Sep, 2018 22:11

Enjoyable read to be sure. I do enjoy the very historian peer approach you take to most your articles. I dont have much more to add at this moment of reading, other then I will be following it and its related articles.

27 Sep, 2018 15:18

Your description of the geography is really good and paints a nice picture of the island. Out of curiousity, of the resources passing through the ports, it looks like they're all exports. Is that correct? Are there any resources commonly imported to the island? Also, if I could make a recommendation - You could label the more important/major cities on the map, such as Port Adan. I'm curious to know where exactly on the coast it sits.


The sections do feel separate, but flow together - I'd say you hit the happy medium that article sections are meant to fill. The article /does/ feel slightly wiki/encyclopedia-ish, but at the same time, I come into these expecting them to be just that since we're all basically writing encyclopedias. It's a well-written encyclopedia article ;)

27 Sep, 2018 15:51

I wrote about imported raw materials, and I will label the map ASAP.

27 Sep, 2018 15:55

.. Was that importing section already there and I'm just blind. I'm not actually sure now xD