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Ironfoot Isles

Courage from the Sea

White-capped cliffs and lush green forests,
Inspire as if in a dream.
Golden sunsets and gentle mountains,
Fearsome with Tukod's flame.
Land of imagination, land of magic,
Land of Ironfoot!
The Epic of Empire, first stanza


The Ironfoot Isles are a volcanic island group approximately eighty to ninety kilometers off the coast of the supercontinent Botan. They are formed mainly from the remnants of the Qurilion plate which are subducting under the newer and lighter Bosan superocean plate. The subduction has caused the formation of a large number of islands, including several large ones mainly concentrated in the southern sectors closer to the tectonic boundaries and numerous small ones mainly further north.
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Cover image: Cloud over Yucatan, Mexico by Sensenmann


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