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Colrian Squadron

The Crimson Flotilla

"What... what in the world is that?" asked General Papinian, now styling himself a king.   A ship, seemingly sailing on a trail of fire, entered into the view of our rebel base. Red and black banners streamed from the stern, and the red shield and sword of the Aban Crest blossomed from a massive black sail.   "I... I thought I killed the king! Is that Aryl? He's only twenty years old! I usurped the throne! Hey! That's my ship!" Papinian yammered, howling with rage. "I expected Colren to hold out for longer! What's going on?"   That's when I noticed the marines. Three hundred of them, armed with those unholy crossbows, pikes, and lances. Our camp was already surrounded.   "General? I suggest we surrender..."



500 sailors of all ranks plus 12 commanders, one fleet admiral, 400 marines, ~10 navigators, possibly up to 900 regular army troops and the king/queen themself.


Flagship (Silver Flame)

  • Red and black standards on the stern of the ship
  • Single, massive, square rigged sail, with the Federation crest emblazoned on it
  • Pine hull made of red pine wood, 30 meters in length and eight meters wide
  • One flamethrower at front of ship, combined with six smaller ones mounted on the sides of the ship
  • Capacity to hold about 200 tons of weight
  • Complement of 50 marines, 40 sailors, commander, fleet admiral, and two doctors
  Larger ships (x5)
  • Red and black standards on the stern of the ship
  • Single square rigged sail
  • Pine hull made of red pine wood, 20 meters in length and seven meters wide
  • One flamethrower at front of ship, plus eight others on sides of ship
  • Forty portable crossbows for light arms
  • Battering ram
  • Supplies for voyage are stored on these ships
  • Capacity to hold about 150 tons of weight
  • Complement of 60 sailors, commander, navigator, and doctor
    Smaller ships (x6)
  • Red and black standards on the stern of the ship
  • Small single square rigged sail and oars
  • Pine hull made of red pine wood, 15 meters in length and six meters wide
  • Capacity to hold about 100 tons of weight
  • Complement of 30 sailors, commander, and 50 marines


These ships mainly use the over fifty total flamethrowers equipped throughout the ship to burn other ships (of wooden construction). The content of the flamethrower material is a closely kept state secret, and only this fleet uses it. They can quickly burn down any warship.   Also on the main ships are battering rams, which, while slowing down the ship due to weight, also harness the ship's speed to deal devastating blows to other ships. Many a fleet has been destroyed by these weapons alone.   A variety of light arms are also on many ships. The marines incorporate a mix of pikemen and crossbow archers, and some sailors are also able to man crossbows aboard the ship. These are for land and naval operations, especially amphibious operations which the squadron


The main vehicles of this formation is the ships: the flagship, Silver Flame, creates a trail of fire on water as it progresses through the ocean, travelling remarkably fast with its custom hull. The other five main ships travel significantly slower, with less awe-inspiring effect, but their battering rams, crossbows, and flamethrowers are not to be trifled with. Finally, the seven troopships move the slowest, but are escorted by the larger ships and rely on both sail and manpower to travel. They are designed to be able to grapple onto rocks, sand, trees, or even other ships before using their boarding ladders to debark up to 1200 troops, including up to 300 elite marines.


The admiral of this squadron (rank: Admiral, maybe Fleet Admiral) is second only to the king/queen themself, unlike other squadron commanders who must report to a fleet commander. This squadron is considered capable of bringing down a regular fleet or successfully blockading a mid-size port or small island, being the most elite force in the Federation Navy.   Under him are twelve hand-picked ship commanders (rank: Captain or Rear Admiral), each having taken at least six months of specialty training and generally thought to be capable of commanding at least a small squadron or, in the case of the troopship commanders, a battalion of troops on land. These ship commanders, if necessary, also supervise an Aban Guard Marine Commander (rank: Colonel or LTC), up to two elite medics/doctors, and/or a highly-trained navigator.   Under the ship commanders are the marines, organized into companies of fifty. The flagship carries two companies, and the troopships each carry one. These are all elite amphibious troops, who are expected to be able to land and quickly accomplish tactical goals. Ships also have their complements of sailors, with small units set aside for logistical support (supplies), and the rest being navigational support and flamethrower or crossbow operators.


The psychological impact of the ships is the first tactic used. The easily identifiable red crests easily strike fear into any resisting forces, and the fire trail of the Silver Flame, along with its great speed, often end a battle before it is started (with a surrender treaty).   Another mastered tactic is amphibious landings. Given the tendency of the squadron to be supplied with proper intelligence, due to the excellence of Federation Intelligence, the landing ships almost always are able to deploy troops with no detection, the larger ships covering for them. Any coast guard or fleet is stalled by the main ships, while the troops are able to quickly accomplish objectives on land. The only counter to this naval tactic currently known are Admiral Inato's fast intercept squadron of ramming ships, but these also belong to the Federation so other nations that are fearful of it generally emphasize land superiority over the marines rather than battle the ships in the sea.   Finally, the flamethrowers are another major advantage these ships have. Their flamethrowers squirt liquid that can still burn even in water, and the only way to avoid them is to either build ships that are fireproofed (hard) or build ships that move faster than the flamethrowers can track (easier). Only the Kingdom of Wren currently has ships that can counter this squadron in the sea: other kingdoms and confederations generally stick to land warfare and use a navy only to transport their soldiers.


Every year, this squadron undergoes a special operation, conquering some small island or blockading some enemy port. This keeps their skills sharp in case they need to be deployed on a major operation. Before the combat operation, they also undergo exercises for escort, assassination, search-and-rescue, and boarding operations.   To join this unit, you need to have gone through both basic, intermediate, and advanced training as a soldier or officer, gone through Special Operations School, and fought with more than two years of combat experience.


Historical loyalties

Historically, this unit was loyal to the Federation, and by extension its king, council of governors, and council of advisors.

Special Forces
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation
Colreic Capital Fleet

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