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Who Dares Wins

Besides the Island Wind, the Atlas is perhaps the most illustrious of the Coleric fleet. Initially laid down as a supply ship of the Kingdom of Colren, the craft was surrendered to the Federation soon afterwards. Enlarged and upgraded several times, it has never lost a battle in it's century-long service.
  The Atlas is known as one of the most fearsome ships in the main battle fleet of the Federation. Having sunk over fifty enemy ships in her service history, non know what kind of magic its builders had put into it. Even without that knowledge, whole cities have been cowed into submission by the mere sight of its sails.  

Service History

  The ship was initially concieved as a supply ship, and therefore was not armed to the extent as other Coleric ships. Its later-recognizable sails were not yet in place, as the ship still had the junk rig standard of other ships of the fleet. It made history as one of the only supply ships to sink an enemy frigate, after it attempted to break into the Federation blockade of Junko, the Coleric capital.   During this battle, the ship was engaged by the frigate Osleit, which carried naval ballistae as well as a frontal ram, like most Federation capital ships. To the frigate's surprise, any bolts of iron fired at the ship simply bounced off of the hull and back towards them. However, the Atlas could only return fire with small arms and such an attack was not very effective.   The Atlas's captain, Leo Adamsen, decided not to await an inevitable bolt to pierce the ship and sink it. Instead, he sailed the junk directly towards enemy fire, and grappled onto the side of the enemy vessel. Such a bold move allowed the crew of the Atlas to board the enemy ship, armed with weapons being transferred to the capital's defense. There, they were able to plant charges to destroy the vessel, and completed their mission to enter the harbor of Colren.   After the brave Colren run, the King of Colren decided to surrender to Aryl's incoming devastating force. Leo was relieved of command of the Atlas, as the ship was enlarged slightly into a frigate of its own. At this point, the Federation introduced their lateen-rig to the ship, as well as the infamous blue-black cross that would later instill fear into so many. The ship was known for running "impossible" odds, such as passing directly under the coastal batteries of the Northern Barrier Kingdom's fortresses to land troops under the cover of darkness.   After over thirty confirmed enemy ships sunk by its actions, the Atlas was again renovated, with the newfangled cannon and Alice's flame, replacing some of the older ballistae. At this point, an enchantment was cast on the ship, giving it the trail of red fire that designated the Aeramen-class flagships of the Federation fleet. However, at some point, the enchantment went awry, causing instead a blue trail of light. This enhanced the ship's aura of difference: at this point, it was the only ship of its kind in any fleet.   After the completion of the unification of the Ironfoot Isles, the ship was repurposed as a research vessel, and was put under the leadership of up-and-coming captain Sylvia Adamsen, which led to the discovery of a safe protocol for passage through Spires of Steel and, subsequently, a new group of islands due north of Ironfoot: the Cilusians.

"the star-guided"
On to Victory
Owning Organization
House Aban
6 m
25 m
4-8 knots
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
100 tons

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