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Admiral Melius Inato

Admiral Melius Inato (a.k.a. the Able)

A soft, brown eyed young man I assumed was the king of this federation sat down across from me. I had been invited to a roundtable of the most talented men in the Ironfoot isles, yet each time the king only invited one to his table at a time, and more often than not these sages left warmly thanked, but with only a small title like mayor or councilman. A treasured few, maybe ten out of one hundred, got a governorship, generalship, or admiralship. I was already a captain in the Navy, but I had always wanted to be commander of a fleet, or even better, the whole sea. This was my chance.   I look down, and... go? A board game? I ask the man, "What am I to do?" His brown eyes soften even more, and he says one word, crystalline and sharp yet warm. "Play."   I move the pieces one by one, capturing pockets, creating eyes, and drawing his forces in feints. I wanted to control the most territory, but he had to be at least a first-dan master. Even so, I continually gained the advantage.   The man nodded his head, seemingly deep in thought. "An admiralship is a difficult job, but you seem to have more than enough talent and drive to execute the task beautifully. I appoint you Admiral of the Left Fleet. Your home port will be Colren."

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Melius Inato was born in the waters outside of Junko (Colren Harbor) to a mid-level judge and a captain in the coast guard fleet, aboard a ship. It is said that he took to the sea immediately, spending time watching the waters and their wildlife, and that he learned to help hoist sails by age three and to pilot a ship by age five.


  • Observer on the Amethyst Thunder (child)
  • Naval Officer School (teenager - young adult)
  • Defense against Federation fleets (young adult)
  • Marine Forces School [Sabdao] (young adult)
  • Command School [Sabdao] (young adult)
  • Battle Strike Force Three Commander (adult)


  • Lieutenant Commander in Colreic Navy (teenage years)
  • Commander (then Captain) in Colreic Navy (young adult years)
  • Resignation from Colreic Navy due to anger at corruption
  • Commandant of Lanasu Coast Guard (young adult): successfully defended Lanasu, but surrendered after hearing the surrender of forces on Colren
  • Captain in the Federation Navy, Colonel in the Marines, Rear Admiral in Command School (young adult)
  • Vice Admiral-commanding of Battle Strike Force Three (adult)
  • Admiral of the Left Fleet (adult)

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Ranks as Fleet Admiral, one rank below the commander of the navy
  • Successfully defended Lanasu from invasion during the Federation-Colren conflict.
  • Pacified the northern atolls
  • Helped properly administer the Colren region after surrender to Aryl Aban
  • Undefeated admiral; pioneered the art of naval warfare

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to be able to warn the rulers of the threat from the Federation,   Failed to stem corruption in the Colreic Navy (although he didn't have the power)

Personality Characteristics


Inato dreams to become an Admiral in the Navy, first under the Kingdom of Colren, then under Aryl Aban's Federation. Once of the Admiral rank, he rapidly gains naval superiority using unconventional tactics.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Can wield a ship like a scalpel, a squadron like a broadsword, and a fleet as a phoenix. His political skill is relatively strong, his tactics are unique however he is no good commanding land troops and mediocre at being an ordinary sailor.

Virtues & Personality perks

Brilliant, patient, cautious, precise, clever, brave, calm

Vices & Personality flaws

Indecisive, ruthless, volatile, proud

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Fleet Admiral, Admiral of the Left Fleet, Commandant of Lanasu (former), Commandant of Eastern Provinces, Councilman
134 B.F. 73 B.F. 61 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born during midnight, aboard a ship
Circumstances of Death
Executed by Aldrich Aban
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Male (he)
Clear Emerald
Dark brown curls
6' 5"
130 pounds
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Retreat? I'm deaf in one ear, that should be excuse enough for ignoring orders one-half of the time!" - In response to recieving an order from the Capital to move his coast guard into reserve   "Guess what? The objective of war is to win, not to fight." - When asked why he didn't directly confront the Crimson Flotilla during the battle of Lanasu
Aligned Organization
Federation of Island Provinces
Known Languages
Fluent in Colreic (dialect of Itluri), Imperial Itluri (mainland language), Itluri (island language), Apagian (dialect of Itluri found in northern atolls), and Marin (minor island language)

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