Seaborne Hopes

Seaborne Hopes is a Cobalt Protectorate enclave situated aboard a massive, seagoing platform on the planet Feldea.


Over 70% of the population of Seaborne Hopes is Evermornan human in extraction, the remainder being Feldeans involved at least tangentially with the Feldea Ecological Remediation Society. A small population of Lepidosians with Protectorate citizenship may also be found in Seaborne Hopes, mostly tracing their heritage to the times when Wurth Harkin and his Harkinite Expedition came to the Feldea System from Lepidos.


Seaborne Hopes operates under the Protectorate Periphery system of governance - a representative form of government based on a combination of 'merit sortition' and democratically-enacted referrenda. Unlike with many Periphery states, however, extensive efforts must be undertaken by Cobalt Knights counter-intelligence forces to prevent the constant intrigues of Feldean political life from bleeding over into the local halls of governance.

Industry & Trade

As a part of the collaboration between the Cobalt Protectorate and Federated Queendoms of Feldea, the role of Seaborne Hopes is to provide the durable knowledge base, human capital, and facilities to help in the restoration of Feldea to a more habitable, less polluted state. Aside from funding provided by both geopolitical powers for this purpose, the Seaborne Hopes administration also lays claim to a portion of all scavenged or salvaged material - especially carbon for graphene and certain trace elements for nutrition and industrial processes - in the manner of the taxation at the point of extraction common to all Protectorate settlements. The rest is either used directly in the local economy or manufactured into finished goods for export. Evermornan technology is more advanced that that of the Queendom and, thus, everything from medical equipment to computer systems produced in Seaborne Hopes fetches high prices on the Feldean markets.


Seaborne Hopes is not just the name of the municipality; it is the christened name of the massive seagoing vessel that contains the vast majority of the population and the infrastructure to keep them alive on a heavily-polluted world. The Seaborne Hopes is, in essence, a massive trimaran, with each of the three pontoons divided into upper and lower 'lobes' with separate infrastructural functions. The top of the vessel is covered with a thick deck atop which structures are built to create the more 'traditional' city environment. The center of this deck is kept clear to make way for the SSTO runways that allow the city to interact with the Protectorate's orbital infrastructure, including habitats for bulk of both Federated Queendoms of Feldea and Protectorate local populations.


Seaborne Hopes is divided into nine districts, with three districts per hull based on depth:  

Port Surface District

  • Dense Residential Zone
  • Dense Commercial Zone
  • Port Waterline District

  • Dense Residential Zone
  • Dense Commercial Zone
  • Fore/Aft Port Docking Arrays
  • Port Submerged District

  • Dense Industrial Zone
  • Port Aquatic Pollution Remediation System (AquaPoReS)
  • Port Desalinization Plant
  • Port Anchoring Array
  • Center Surface District

    SSTO Runway
  • Spaceport
  • Customs
  • Light Commercial Zone
  • Light Industrial Zone
  • Central Waterline District

  • Hospital
  • College of Evermorn, Feldea-Seaborne Campus
  • Command Information Center
  • City Hall
  • Central Submerged District

  • Fore/Aft Fusion Power Torus
  • Thermal Propulsion Conduits
  • Portable Seabed Caissons
  • Starboard Surface District

  • Dense Residential Zone
  • Dense Commercial Zone
  • Starboard Waterline District

  • Dense Residential Zone
  • Dense Commercial Zone
  • Fore/Aft Starboard Docking Arrays
  • Starboard Submerged District

  • Dense Industrial Zone
  • Starboard Aquatic Pollution Remediation System (AquaPoReS)
  • Starboard Desalinization Plant
  • Starboard Anchoring Array
  • Climate

    Seaborne Hopes is often in motion - albeit not at a rapid pace - and thus can avail itself to whatever climate its citizens desire. Auxilliary power comes from wind and solar collectors in the Port and Starboard Surface Districts, meaning that both high winds and sunny days can be tapped for energy to fuel secondary industries (i.e. tourism).   Unfortunately, due to the ecological destruction wrought by successive centuries of heavy industrialization on the part of the Feldeans, most of Seaborne Hopes' habitable volume is sealed against the outside environment, using and testing new closed ecological life support systems (CELSS) meant for spacecraft as a means to supplement the marginal local air and water. Seaborne Hopes features a dedicated hospital and numerous clinics in the commercial districts to help offset the deleterious effects of long-term exposure to Feldean atmosphere.

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    Cover image: by Beat Schuler (edited by BCGR_Wurth)


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