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insane spirit sickness

insane spirit sickness is an ancient sickness that the elves faced. after an insane spirit leaves the elf it was possessing it sometimes leaves a sickness. commonly the elf was fine or seemed fine but every now and then the victim would have a spurt of rage and madness. many believed that the insane spirit actually left a sickness or that the Brian hadn't caught up that it was free and so it was just repeating what it had been doing until it realizes that there is no insane spirit controlling it. many elves after the insane spirit leaves will actually feel a bit woozy, light headed, and dizzy wich was common after a spirit left. also after the Insane Spirit leaves the victim often gets a fever that makes it very hard to do anything. many people didn't like the sickness but they helped the people get throughout because afterwards they were not going to be mad and insane. joy and laughter seemed to speed up the process of recovery as well as a warm meal and spending time with family and friends joy helps heal the sickness and prevent the spirits from attacking you. it is only transmitted after a insane spirit leaves control of your mind. those who have gotten the sickness do not tend to get it again even if they have been possessed by a insane spirit again. people learned to stop fearing it after they figured out that it wasn't contagious and wouldn't get them a insane spirit. they found having the people move around more makes it worse so after they get sick they have them lay in bed until they get better. many studies were done on the sickness because it was very new when it arrived and every one was scared of it.

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