World Ember Pledge of Awesomeness

Well, it's that time of year again. While I have headphones to keep out all that Christmas music, I can at least enjoy lighting up the forge for that good old WorldEmber kick to come in. Now is the time of action, the time of creativity, and the time of awesomeness.  

WEEK 1: Here’s The PLAN!

  These last few months have been hectic, to say the least, as I have had to deal with many personal things in my life that have kept me from writing for a while now. But I also decided to take a step back on writing as it can sometimes be overwhelming. So this World Ember will help me reignite the dying embers of the fire that is my creativity. As for the main plan, I have realized that in my pursuit of writing, I have forgotten why I started to write in the first place. I want to write my main novel and do that. I must flush out my current locations and the characters involved in the story. So I will do that for now and anything else that might include it. Once I get that done, I will be able to spread around my other current worlds as well once I am. I will be fixated on characters and locations at the moment. By doing so, the story will finally come together, and the pieces will be in their proper place. I will expand on some of my other worlds if I finish that.

WEEK 2: The Meta


Story Scope

  The original story takes place several years after the War of the Raptors in the now occupied land of Ardania now under the rule of the Vatian Empire. Things are not going well, as the war has left the land with famine, conflict, and diseases. Along with a power struggle with those fighting the empire to become accessible once more, the empire promptly tries to stamp out embers of rebellion before it becomes a full-blown inferno that will consume them all. At the center of the conflict are the infamous rebels of the Brotherhood of the Wood and the ruling imperial regime in Ardania. All of them have their ups and downs, along with various allies. The story will involve both sides struggling in the conflict and the trials they face to achieve their goals, along with a shift in one of Ardania's most dangerous regions known as the Great Forest that may be the key to victory.  


  The story I want will not just be of conflicts, but of the political motivations and goals the characters want to achieve. Such as what they are willing to do to achieve victory and the cost they must pay. Along with military tactics and magic mixed. Mixed with psychological trauma, spiritualism, the horrors of war, and philosophical takes on freedom, order, nature, and so on. Corruption of the state also has a part to play as well.  


  The idea is that the world everyone is in right now is depressing, and hard to live in a land that has suffered greatly from a long and costly war for both sides. On paper, the war is over, but in reality, it is now boiled down to attrition, as resources are scarce, and all everyone can think about is survival in the battles to come. Both sides do what they can to gain the upper hand to win a decisive battle.  


  I already have a category system in place and have organized it here and there, but it does not mean that it does not stop there. I know I have been slacking off late in placing the articles where they need to be, but everyone does that. You really can judge anyone for being messy here and there. So I will have to place all the loose articles to make everything acceptable, but I am not dealing with tags. I never was fond of them, and no one used them even when I did do them, so I am sticking to the old system.  


  Yeah, I know that everyone whats some pretty pictures to set the mood when they are reading. Before I dealt with the whole AI art generators, I searched the whole internet to find what I could to see my vision, and rarely did I do commissions for art since it is expensive. But Mid journey changed that; now I can make as much art as I want. So most of that will come from that now, and maybe I will experiment with some other things. Hero Forge has also aided me in creating characters, so I will be using that, so be ready for that. CSS, however, will remain the same, and no changes will happen anytime soon.  

After Thoughts

  Whelp I have to say this for the record, it was one hell of a World Ember last year. At first I had a late start, but I managed to get where I wanted to be To say the least, I helped me get some much need expanding on my current story and I did a lot of writing where I could. I even started to write a few chapters while I was at too. The only thing I could criticize is the frustration I have when dealing with personal matter when I want to write for some reason I can't get a break and have to hide in a hole someplace just to do it. Considering that my family has no understanding of my work and it importance I might as well be talking to a wall and smashing said wall which is apart of a cell of a prison of their design to try and keep me down. But hey you just have to escape the prison life put you sometimes to be able to experience freedom on your own terms. Sooner or later you going to be dragged back kicking and screaming, probably biting someone who gets a little too handsy with you, its still worth it. That doesn't mean that its not going to happen again and it will know that you yearn for it and when the time comes your going to that opportunity again.   However one day your going to get away from it all and start a new life for yourself, preferably someplace far far away and don't be putting Shrek references just because I wrote it down. Now back to what I was saying some place far maybe maybe someplace cold were no one goes, Canada, cold weather, but to many friendly people that it seems weird plus you have to learn French to actually understand where the hell you in some places. Alaska maybe a lot more isolated with fewer people to disturb you, however you will mostly like suffer from isolation madness and be mauled by a bear, yeah don't want to end up like Hugh Glass. Antarctica seems like the best option since no goes there, but the like hood of freezing or starving to death is a big no no, plus there no reception at all out there so you can't write that much on here or watch a video about cats. To all of you wondering why I never suggested a hot climate it because I hate it. Bug eat me because I have type O blood and I'm not a fan of overgrown lizards, especially large snakes. I am also not a fan of beaches since I find them boring and a waste of time going to, the sand is a big no for me as well Just as Anakin he knows all about it. Ah what the heck I just go some place open build myself a fortified bunker and spray water at people that get to close. Back to reality lets get back to my experience last December.   I achieved most of my goals so I call a win win for me and I'll leave it at that. It was nice to see all the articles from all the people that participated this year too. Some were inspiring while other were bizarre in a good way while reading them. I off course could only read so many of them at a time so lets just say I have a over a thousand notifications backed logged right now so that is going to be fun to get through. But I have to say I was drained after all of that considering that I don't drink coffee I was running on sheer willpower alone. So I just going to hold back on the writing to catch up on other things that I have held back. But now I am just say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me and my work this year and I going to be a big one to say the least since it going to be my fifth anniversary since join world Anvil so very excited and please with how far I gotten. Also a shout out to everyone who did World Ember and got to ten thousand so congrats. Well that all I have for no, but stay to for my resolutions this years because it going to be good so stay tune, see ya.
I Jester% pledge to write 50k for WorldEmber to full my destiny in bringing forth my vision for all to witness.


Oaken Tower
Building / Landmark | Jan 26, 2023

An castle with a an particular history and has a long history on being a place of peace and protection from all that would do harm.

War Hounds
Military Formation | Dec 10, 2022

Dogs trained to be fight alongside their owners in battle and hunt all that have been deemed their enemies without hesitation

Darren Nettle
Character | Jan 26, 2023

Once a proud Ranger that served his homeland well, only to betray that trust with the lives of his comrades.

Fredrick Lumbren
Character | Jan 26, 2023

Once a Ranger, tragedy has taken much of his sight and crippled him, now he works behind enemy lines to build support to liberate his homeland.

Geographic Location | Jan 26, 2023

A land that had long since been isolated from the world before entering the world stage, filled with wonders and horrors that no one would find in the west.

Deeptide Reavers
Organization | Jan 26, 2023

Vengeance born on the high seas to punish all that have wronged the righteous.

Stuffed Bread
Item | Jan 1, 2023

A meal that is two in one as bread is filled with a another food to add flavor and become a more filling meal.

Asron, the Royal Captial
Settlement | Jan 26, 2023

The former capital of the Kingdom of Ardania was once a place of culture and learning, now it is a shadow of its former self under the empire.

People’s Militias
Organization | Jan 26, 2023

A series of militia groups that have joined together in order to defend their homes from all that would do harm to them.

Griffon Riders
Military Formation | Dec 30, 2022

A new breed of cavalry that takes to the sky, gaining an advantage in air superiority against most foes. while still in its infancy it has changed the face of warfare entirely.

Mountain Lion
Species | Feb 8, 2023

A well know predator of the mountains known for it stealth and its speed to take down prey.

Spy Lenses
Item | Jan 1, 2023

A device used in the use of aerial reconnaissance being able to see from long distances with the fear of weather effecting it.

Royal Sky Riders
Organization | Jan 12, 2023

The first generation to take to the skies and watch over their homeland from the skies upon their mighty griffons to ensure that peace is keep across it.

Laws of Magic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Mar 20, 2023

Even magic is bound by laws that decided how it can be and how it can be not with those that refuse to obey them to suffer the consequences.

Condition | Jan 26, 2023

A condition in where a spirit or a demon takes over the body of a of a mortal being of the physical realm in attempt to interact with it.

Alchemical Flasks
Item | Dec 30, 2022

A creation of alchemy the substances found in them have a verity of effects that can be used in battle to harm and disorient the enemy.

Back to Writing
Generic article | Dec 31, 2022

Another part of my novel I finally started to do again being inspired this December, enjoy.

Bloody Bride
Myth | Jan 26, 2023

A cautionary tale of a women who was betrayed by a man that she thought loved her.

Demetris Gregory Cirillo
Character | Jan 26, 2023

A man who was once fascinated by magic to the point of obsession, now after experiencing a terrible incident that left him marked he now travel the land to stop others from committing wrongs with it.

Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jan 1, 2023

Even in the Dreaming none are safe from the power of the gloom and its nightmares that seek to corrupt all.

What Once Was
Generic article | Jan 26, 2023
Even More Writing
Generic article | Jan 26, 2023
Mocking Bird
Species | Jan 26, 2023


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Come to the Canadian arctic. Do it. Life is slower here but the internet is alright in some of the Northwest Territories.   We have polar bears, grizzly bears, snow, a windchill of -76C, arctic foxes and hares, and nine months of winter. We also have nice people, clean air, beautiful landscapes, sun dogs (not an animal), people from all over the world, three months of sun to be active, and a month without it to hibernate!

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It takes time, but what matters is that you keep going, bit by bit! If you do, that book you're writing may be completed! And I hope it does, because your ideas are fascinating, I must say!

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