World Ember Pledge 2021

I Jester% shall do 50,000 words for WorldEmber this year or be thrown into the fiery flames of the anvil of creation
  Well, it's that time again where well all go through World Ember once more. We all know what going to happen now, it shall be a time of struggle and conflict that will unfold upon us here and now that will burn us and change us once more to prove that we are strong enough to deal with the flames and endure to see the finish line. We will be changed once more and hardened by our experience as another year will come to an end we will once more enter the unknown once more, but we shall perceive once more on matter what comes at us and will look it dead in the eye and tell it you may take our lives but you will never take our freedom to write. Okay, that was mostly brave Heart but the last two words are mine, and mimicry is considered the best form of flattery as long as lawyers and lawsuits are not involved. But let's just through this now as It has been a long year with struggle all around, but if we remain positive we should be fine, and no one like a party pooper like Super Kami Guru once said. So let us commence in the calibration of worldbuilding as we set the world on fire with our writing as our ember engulf the earth. Let's just hope Santa doesn't brings any snow with him to distinguish the flames because that would be a real stinker, wouldn't it? Let the writing and arson commence.  


  Last year I tried to do a hundred thousand words. Which is considered crazy by most people and I was quickly burned while trying to do so. But I did manage to get halfway there so I call that a win for me. So I plan on doing that again this year and maybe get more this time around.  


  I don't have a plan as my life is being as crazy as a mad cow at the moment so I will just be writing whatever comes to mind in other words I am going to wing it. But I have been thinking of expanding into other places of the world that I have yet to explore to see where they go


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1 Dec, 2021 12:53

Good Luck with WorldEmber Jester%.   Aemon

1 Dec, 2021 13:01


May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
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