The Balance

It is through the Balance that all things may thrive through peace and struggle to ensure that harmony may exist where ever they may go. - Usagi
  The Balance is a force that is said to bring peace and harmony to the nine worlds that make up it. Everything happens for a reason and must exist to ensure that all things may prosper. For this reason, the Disciples of the Balance strives to keep the Balance in check to avoid such catastrophes from ever occurring or the world will fall into ruin and disharmony will spread across the world. All things become connected through it, and all will suffer when the cycles change.


All things natural and unnatural that transpire in the world are because of the Balance, which carries out its will on everything in the world, for there cannot be a day without night, nor life without death. Two opposites of each side, but intertwined, exist for a reason to ensure that harmony is in check, no matter how good or bad they may be. It is an invisible force that is a part of all existence and will remain that way until all things come to an end.    

Harmonious Peace

  With the Balance in check and the realms in proper orbit of one another, peace exists between them. All for them to go about their natural cycles without any changes. The ninth world, in particular, is the one that propers most in being able to exist naturally without any alterations caused by the other realms. Allowing for everything makes it up to maintain the delicate system that keeps it all going.  

Shifting in Realms

  Every so often, one of the realms slightly shifts out of place when orbiting the attached ring. Events such as these are called Ring Shifts and are often unavoidable to stop. It's because the Celestial Rings are of a higher power and cannot change by traditional means, nor should they be. When this happens, it heads towards the ninth world due to its sway over the other realms. When this happens, the realm will usually undergo specific changes from a realm that has shifted. These can vary from natural disasters to supernatural phenomena and are unpredictable to know what effects are to occur. The extent of how long a shift will last will vary, but eventually, when the realm returns to its natural state on its ring, things will return to normal.


The Nine Worlds

  Nine worlds exist that maintain the Balance and harmony it brings to all. Eight of these Nine have one world that is the opposite of their purpose. Two worlds are entirely different from one another but forever intertwined with one another for all time. They are in groups bound to the ninth world at the center that preserves the Balance. Each pair is separated from one another, known as the Celestial Rings, an invisible force that keeps these worlds in place. These worlds will often shift once in a while, affecting the ninth world. But in the end, the Balance is restored with time, and harmony will be maintained.  

Ninth World

  The Ninth world was created to bear the burden that keeps the Balance in check. Because of the ninth world, all the other realms are in harmony with one another. It is possible because the ninth world was created with the essence of the other worlds, making it the epicenter of all things to occur in the universe. No world can gain favor with it and create true peace with the ninth realm, ensuring it happens. In return, it does the same for the other realms as well. The circle at the center of the Balance with the Celestial Rings keeps them in their proper place. All cannot move from their designated spot to get closer to any other realm to cause a disturbance to the Balance.  

Fragile Existance

  With the realms bound to the rings, all would seem stable and maintain harmony. But the ninth world is a fragile place where a change could offset the Balance due to the inhabitants that live in the realm that can alter it. These changes happen through events and choices of those who live in the world. While some are small and will not cause anything too major to change, more significant events will begin to leave their mark. Events such as too much deforestation or contagious diseases will offset the Balance and bring disharmony. Causing events that the universe will try to correct these alterations as best it can. Some of these events can be drastic or simple to try and fix the damage done to it and restore harmony once more.

Metaphysical, Divine

The Worlds

  Nine worlds exist that maintain the Balance of existence and Keep them in harmony. Each planet is indifferent to one another and is an essential aspect of the center world. These worlds are Jinte, Lusind, Pon Ru, Kezutama, Hemmatra, Akstabe, Mejuka, Wen Tero, and Wenlaun.   Jinte: The realm of life, all things flourish here, and all things are eternal, for nothing truly dies.   Lusind: The realm of death, a place that is cold and empty as the void. It's where there is no life.   Pon Ru: The realm of order, all things stay in place and never change to maintain a perfect serenity.   Wen Tero: The realm of Chaos, an ever-changing place where nothing stays the same.   Kezutama: The Heavenly realm is where the gods reside, and those who live good lives and gain enlightenment may enter.   Akstabe: The realm of the Hell, all those who have committed terrible deeds are sent here, and it is the original home of the Kerudo.   Mejuka: The realm of time, here the past, present, and future exist simultaneously, and nothing is forgotten.   Wenlaun: The realm of space, no one truly understands how large this world with it said that it is infinite here.   Hemmatra: The Ninth world that was created with the help of all the other planets, helping maintain the baBalanceetween them.  

Celestial Rings

  Five Celestial Rings bind the worlds in place to keep the Balance in check, with each one bringing one aspect of the universe in check. These are the Primordial Ring, the Sacred Ring, the Foundation Ring, the Natural Ring, and the Central Ring.   Foundation Ring: The largest of the rings and the only one that holds four of the nine worlds. These rings have the realms of Pon Ru, Wen Tero, Mejuka, and Wenlaun.   Sacred Ring: The third ring that holds the realms of life and death, Jinite and Lusind.   Natural Ring: While it does not hold any worlds, it's said the elements and magic reside and are drawn to Hemmatra.   Divine Ring: The second ring that holds the realms of heaven and hell, Kezutama and Akstabe.   Central Ring: The ring that holds the ninth world Hemmatra as the center of the nine realms.

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