Tears of Ruin

Despite this letter being thousands of years old, I am still horrified by the contents for it truly haunting that my people committed such things to so many. - Hadrian Marcanus
  In some far-off library in some small little town, something strange was found by one of the librarians who were clear out an old room filled with many texts and books of different kinds. In an old book, he found a letter old, torn and worn that had seemed to have been in there for a while. Upon further inspection, it was discovered to have been written in some form of old unknown language that could not be deciphered by any of them. They then sent a letter to a colleague of theirs in the city of Earthmont, a place of knowledge and learning to come to them to decipher the letter. So he agreed and came down and began to decipher it as best he could until he finally managed to translate it in Vasili for all to read. What shocked them was the letter in question was far older than they realized as it dated back to the Scorched Earth campaigns that would bring the rise of the Vatian Empire and what's more was it an account from a survivor from one of the many settlements that were destroyed by the empire. Speaking of the horrors that were committed during it. It was from here the letter was delivered to Vatia as a relic of importance and would be placed into the imperial library on display for all to see. While some would see this as a glorious rise of the empire from all those who would see them wiped out. While others find it quite horrible to think that their ancestors could commit such terrible acts on others to secure their survival. Whatever the case was the letter was left there by someone who wanted it to be kept safe to be found and the story to be told so they would never be forgotten.


The message was clear as a statement understand the atrocities that very committed by the Vatians during the Scorched Earth Campaigns.

Historical Details


The document in question is an account of a city falling to the legions of the Kingdom of Vatia during the Scorched Earth Campaigns. With eyewitness detail of the acts committed and the aftermath of it all.


The Scorched Earth Campaigns were a series of conflicts done the Kingdom of Vatia after the sacking of Vatia by foreign neighbors. Leading to an all-out war of extermination to rid of these threats and to never let them rise from the ashes again to seek vengeance against them. It is unclear how many were states or settlements were destroyed by the end of the campaigns but the death tolls were said to be in the tens of thousands as they were shown no mercy as they were wiped from history with little to remember them by at all.
Text, Letter


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