Summer Camp Reading Challenge

I can tell you that this summer camp was long for sure, but in the end, I managed to get through it with the skin of my teeth no less. Now it is time to reflect on it and go through some good reads I have found.  

A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership

The 3 Day War
Military Conflict | Jul 30, 2022
  What love about the article is that there is no actual war and no one is will to go through with it in the end. Something that rarely happens in the most stories. While short it get to the point were everyone just sits down and thinks things through knowing that it all pointless and everyone just want to go home and enjoy peace for a change.   What I learn is that not everything has to big and flamboyant in a conflict and it can be just as interesting no matter how small.  
Operation War Dove
Military Conflict | Dec 26, 2022

Ganymedes was the loveliest born of the moons, and therefore when it rebelled, Jupiter caught its heart away, to be their wine-pourer for the sake of admonishing those, who might consider themselves equal. This was their retaliation.

  I consider this an underdog story about a band of freedom fighters trying to gain freedom to gain independent for their people against a great power. But first they have to spread the word to gain favor with the public as they are current unable to due to a military blockade. But due to careful planning and the element of surprise to achieve their goal and get a fighting chance.   I learned that using CSS code can make all the difference to greatly change the impact of a article can have and a conflict is only a good as how it is played out with the people involved in it.    
The World Anvil Rebellion of 2022
Military Conflict | Jul 9, 2022
  This stood out to be considering it hits closer to home or should I say World Anvil. It a funny piece of writing about a coalition of writer trying to sabotage our very own Dhelian in not winning the Military Conflict challenge. The ring leader of this insurrection is lead by the Rabbit Chief herself Sable Aradia and rather just writing a petition or just asking him not to write they just trying stop him from writing through questionable means.   I learned that it is okay to add a bit of humor to flush out a world here and there to peak peoples interests.  

A great leader of their people

Blademaster Linyarra
Character | Dec 28, 2022

"The war is only over once I am dead."

  While some might think that this is just about some powerful warriors that has dedicated herself to the art of battle. It is far more interesting than it appears as they use their skill to prove herself in order to protect their people to their dying breath if it even possible as this point.   I learned that not ever character has to have a great big origin story to get where they are at in life and plot twist should only be relevant when they need to be.  
Character | Mar 18, 2023
  I like this one very much as it is completely vague about the history surrounding this character. As much has been shrouded in myth and exaggerated that they become a god and no record of death seems to exist.   I learned that not everything needs to explained about a character to allow them to have a air of mystery to them to peak interest.  
Nivak, Lady of the Glimmering Snow
Character | Aug 18, 2022
  While a bit long and lacks organization, the character is quite good as it is a gripping tale of survival and the creation of a better life for ones people. Along with all the struggles that come with it to make sure that it remains that way is the struggle of this leader.   I learned that attention to detail on a characters designs both appearance and clothing can make them more fleshed out and that their struggles can often be realistic and complex when they need to be.  

A species considered monstrous by some

Species | Jan 17, 2023
  It gave me the chills on this cone as nothing is more disturbing than a parasite. Especially one that tries to kill you by making you feel happy and energetic just to feed its offspring.   I learned that not all creatures that are meant to bring harm as easily seen and can still be just as dangerous, create interesting and creepy creatures at the same time.  
Species | Aug 28, 2022

An extremely hostile cryptid that hunts to satiate its endless hunger.

  Now this is something that I would never thought was possible for anyone trying to do. One of the most infamous creatures of myth be actively hunted by professional hunters. What more people tend to use its fur as a luxury item and considering the dangers that this monster makes seems that they have a death wish.   I learned that their is nothing wrong into expanding on old ideas made by others and expanding upon them with your own to suit the story to your needs when you need to in order to make it more interesting.  
Starry Eyes
Species | Jul 26, 2022
  I was greatly fascinated by these cosmic horror creatures that make their home in between worlds. That often know far more than anyone can comprehend as all look upon in horror of their monstrous forms of all they consume. All the while hating everything that both worlds as they can never become apart of them.   What I learn from this that it is okay to go into unknown and try knew ways to be creative in order to create unique and interesting creates and the places they live in.  

Future Plans

  As I have said before I will be expanding my writing interests to two other worlds other than The Sagas. Those being The Chronicles and Tales of Radiance both that will benefit greatly from my experience and my willingness to expand into unknown territory at this point. How I will do this is still up for debate, but I hope it will go well as long as I have the confidence and the support of those that have read my work.  
The Sagas
The Chronicles
Tales of Radiance


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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
26 Aug, 2022 09:15

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you liked Operation War Dove, and very glad to see that the core of the story came across. I know it was a pretty complex one with a lot of moving parts, but you summarized it so well. I hope you had an excellent Summercamp!

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