Resolutions and Revolutions 2023

"Change is coming to the world. Many fear change, and will fight it with every fiber of their being. But sometimes change is what they need most. Sometimes, change is what sets them free." - Morrigan, Dragon Age

Here's the Plan

  Well, I have to say that 2022 was an exciting year, and so much has changed since then. Looking back at it now, I know that I have significantly improved on what I need for my work and expanded my writing to a new level. I believe that my writing has become more mainstream here on world Anvil, which gives a nice warm feeling inside, knowing that I am being recognized for my many years of effort. It's either that or that chicken sandwich I do not agree with, but I will try to be an optimist. But enough about me, let's go into the plans for this year. As a wise man once said, "To move forward, you sometimes have to take a few steps back." I have many articles over the years that have yet to be updated, some of which are needed for maintenance badly. Doing this will help expand my work further to ensure that things run smoothly.   Another goal is to expand my writing into other worlds to allow it to be more well-known and developed because it has been stuffed on a shelf for a long time. I have many ideas that will make them shine in the future, but I need to get things in order before doing that. I have so many things to do now, but that is enough about me because now it is all about the writers that have inspired me to expand my work to their wonderful writing in the articles they have made.  

Inspiring Articles

Deities of the Great Beyond
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 31, 2022

A deity is a being of immense power that can shape the universe to their whims... for the most part.

  By Hanhula of Istralar   During my time on World Anvil, I never really went deep regarding gods. But this changed things entirely and has inspired me to try it again; the sheer detail and effort are enough to get lost in it as it goes beyond what most would expect for rules about gods.  
Starraze Rebellion
Military Conflict | Jan 29, 2023

The ill-fated Starraze Rebellion stood in defiance of Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil's stranglehold over Confederation politics for three days. None have dared since.

  By MHBiscup of Vazdimet   This an excellent article with a detailed account of a small war with political power struggles of houses within a nation-state. In my previous writings, I have dealt with larger-scale wars, but now this has gotten me to go into smaller-scale wars that can have political significance for an organization.  
Peach Tree Dish
Item | Jan 30, 2023

This dish makes you tear up.

  By Tillerz of Alana   While I have not ventured too far into the arts of writing foods in my stories, this article has started to change my mind about it. It has just the right amount of detail and background to get the reader's attention, and they will probably try to make it at home to see if it is real to eat.  
Battle of Netter
Military Conflict | Dec 31, 2022

The Battle of Netter was the last and the largest confrontation between the forces of Aussel and Nordhei during the Sarzin Conflict in 1542 AU.

  By Dhelian of Lethea   Another battle, but on a much grander scale as the sheer amount of detail and information into this using all the technology available on World Anvil, has made this look like an actual battle that took place somewhere. Making me want to reach this with my battles eventually to make any reading this witnessing an epic moment in the history of the world.  
Nibs McSaccharine
Character | Dec 31, 2022
  By EmilyArmstrong of Culinarypunk   While not heavy in the information department, the character's backgrounds and motivations are deep enough to get the reader interested in the story and the unique world they exist in, not to mention a gingerbread man that knows, making it far more interesting than a Human or alien. What catches my interest is the layout of the article, which gives it a good understanding of the character and their motives, something that I could use for shorter articles for my characters.  
Hut Hut
Building / Landmark | Jan 3, 2023

A self-roaming Tavern with a chicken's bottom for ... Well ... A bottom.

  By yeslittlehummingbird of Saleh'Alire   A Charming take on Baba Yaga's house; instead, it is a tavern filled with mystery and an owner that is a bird. What caught my interest is the air of mystery surrounding this place that could be used for more of my writing, as not everything needs an answer, with people being allowed to speculate. The detail of what the tavern looks like and the images also allow for a better understanding of what this place is; the dice system is also a refreshing sight to see to allow a person to be interested in what they can get when staying here.  
Humming Blade
Item | Jan 6, 2023

A Humming Blade is a sophisticated armament developed and manufactured by Yamamoto Defense Industries for close-quarters combat. It uses the intensity of a swing to generate a potent, focused vibration down the length of the blade.

  By Ademal of Ethnis   An exciting weapon that caught my attention due to the name; at first considered it to be similar to another weapon in a galaxy far, far away, but it is far from it due to its power and the dangers that come with it to that wielding it. The detail of the weapon's purpose and function, along with the story that comes along with it, made me reconsider adding short stories about the items that exist in my world to create a better understanding of them.  
To Find The Fishy Menace
Plot | Jan 29, 2023
  By Adcheryl of Terraloga   I have to be honest, but I am not one for creating plots in my worlds; I don't know why, but I have never done it. But this one right here has given me some ideas on how to better expand into it now that I am getting my stories straightened out more once I finalize a few things.  
Military Formation | Jan 23, 2023
  By Bladeswillfall of VISCERIUM   I have gone through very little work in creating futuristic technology when it comes to my settings, but this has given me a few ideas on who to go through them with a foundation of understanding a concept of them, no matter how small. But I have to say I enjoy the realism that comes with the military aspect for the soldiers that use this equipment to fight.  
Character | Jan 5, 2023

The mysterious machine god entombed in the moon of Yethema far above the surface of Ea, relic of a time long past and herald of a dead people.

  By Jatubs of Zheng-Kitar   Another inspiration on how could creating a being of a higher power in a story akin to a god even though it is not. What interests me is that this machine that is compared to a god has no actual information about it whatsoever or even its capabilities making it both fascinating and terrifying at the same time at what it could do if it wanted to, let alone its lack of morality could utter a the a golden age of the destruction of the world. An excellent way to create morally grey character and adding an air of mystery to them.


  • Rework old articles to fit current world states
  • Expand writing into other worlds
  • Create World Introductions
  • Add More Artwork
  • Write My Book
  • Hunt down leprechaun to gain funding
  • Slay the Jabberwocky
  • Be more social on World Anvil
  • S̶t̶a̶r̶t̶ c̶o̶u̶p̶ d̶'ét̶a̶t̶ t̶o̶ o̶v̶e̶r̶t̶h̶r̶o̶w̶ t̶o̶p̶ w̶r̶i̶t̶e̶r̶s̶
  • A̶c̶h̶i̶e̶v̶e̶ W̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ A̶n̶v̶i̶l̶ S̶u̶p̶r̶e̶m̶a̶c̶y̶

Runner Ups

  Here are some other articles that I believe deserve some recognition I the amount of detail and work that have been placed in them.  
Myth | Dec 19, 2022

A mythical creature from Cilvarth.

Tradition / Ritual | Dec 26, 2022
Character | Dec 19, 2022
Organization | Jan 27, 2023

Nobody expects an Inquisition. No, really, they don't. And then an Inquisitor stands before them, asking about this small pendant hanging at the wall above the family altar or this book nobody reads...

Limani Supplies Dealer
Organization | Dec 21, 2022

The largest trading organisation in Eshil that offers its services to the public. They have expanded much since they started as a simple trading company and have become the main driver of job opportunities in Limani.

The Qualic Scriptorium
Building / Landmark | Dec 21, 2022

An extraplanar library of qualia: instances of subjective conscious experience.


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