Octavia Aurelius

A women whos rule would turn an empire upside down.

Empress Octavia Aurilius (a.k.a. Silver Tongued)

Physical Description

Body Features

Cream colored skin tone

Identifying Characteristics

She wears earrings and has a scar on her left leg

Physical quirks

Always walks with a straight posture and calculated footing.

Apparel & Accessories

Often wearing lavishing outfits and gold jewlery, only exposing enough skin to put men into a desire/hate state in order to distract them. Color would often be maching andd worn for a reason. Especially when it came to perfume see would wear.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rising to the top

The oldest daughter of Maximus the Calm, Octavia was considered a tomboy in her early days of her life as her father treated her like one of her brothers. Allowing to play in sports, learning more about politics and being taught by her father the art of diplomacy. She knew how to get what see wanted as well as her words could convince you to do anything, giving her the nickname "Silver Tongue" at the age of fourteen. She manage to get people to do everything for her. She also the desire of many young men as well do to her beauty, but she managed to chase them off in the end. But all of the would change when her father died in his sleep and in his will she was named his heir at the age of seventeen. It was quite a surprise to everyone who heard it since he still had sons living, but he choose her believing she was right for the throne. Though many would be against her, they would eventual side with as she was master of I court and manage to gain favor with many of its members and senators as well. Making her one of the most powerful women in the empire.  

Need for change

  Octavia was a women of the people and wanted change in the empire since the elite had more power then most even in the Imperial Senate who were meant to protect them to begin with. Her influence was the key to bring that change as more rights were given to the citizens of the empire and elections to vote for leaders into office rather then being chosen. Ridding curroption in all forms of state and a more regulated judicial system. Even laws that would help stabilize the empire internally and bringing trade allowing the empire to prosper. Even the military was restricted in military action and it was consider one of the most peace eras in the history of the empire as their was no war during her reign.  

The Peacemaker

Her foreign policies were well planned as well as it allowed trade and lessened tension between nations and the empire with many diplomats visiting the empire constantly. Allowing for more trade and peaceful coexistence between one another. But it would make enemies within the empire who’s teachings were tell them that other cultures are inferior to their, even for a time schools were taught to teach less aggressive teaching involving foreigners and other cultures, along with teaching them that violence was not the answer. But these forms of education.  

Limits of influence

  Though she was successful in help make the empire a better place, but their were somethings that she was unable to reform. Her laws on making all inhabitants of the empire to be granted citizenship to all was often meet with opposition as many refused to accept it. Along with her role in anti slavery movements and outlaw it, but in doing many people agreed that it would cripple empire as their were to many of them working to gather resources and they would take up jobs that citizens needed. Though they were falilures many would admire her a determined leader and many would use her as an example.  

Dark Side of Politics

  Even though she was favored by the people she was mostly hated by the old guard of politicians and nobility. During he entire reign only on attempt on her life was made and she knew about before it began, spies and informants are the key to survival in Vatian cutthroat politics as everyone want to get rid of the threat before it happens. Those repsonsible were made example of by being meet with “accidents” that made everyone think twice before messing with her. Blackmail was the next step since everyone has a secret to exploit and can be used to benefit youe, especially from those who hate you the most. Of course she only didn’t to those who mindsets were on the level of extreme and insane as she did not wish to appear as a bully in any way just keeping the peace with the political environment of the empire. He words were as deadly as much as the secrets she knew. No could even discredit her as she had to much power in the court and senate and to do so would end you political career altogether. She may be a kind women but she had to show her fangs to keep those who wished to end her at bay. She was quite manipulative as we since she was a women she could find way to get men with tone of voice body language and eye contact to do thing for her especially once she got you in one of her famous conversation killers were she would get you into a corner when she need to and get what she wanted to in the end. Lying would help either since she knew when you were and weren't and any other reaction you made she would exploit as you were complete exposed to her not being able to hide anything.

Gender Identity

She may present herself as a women, but she thinks more like a man as she was a tomboy in her youth since she was treated like one of the boy. But she still calls herself a woman.


Octavia's sexuality was hidden for most of her life, but when was empress she was fond of only one person, her childhood friend, Lidia. But what most didn't know was that they were in love and it would remain that way till the day Lidia died. Octavia swore to herself that she would never take another lover or marry. She died with no children of her own and her siblings took the through.


She was self taught by the best tutors of the empire and by her father and learned the ropes of diplomacy. Along with several different lanuage from foreign dignatries that visited the Vatia.


Empress of the Vatian Empire

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her diplomacy ensure an long era of peace in the empire, one of the most peaceful in its history, alonng with political and economic reforms that would help the empire as it brought stability to it with out the need of constant warfare. She also kept the politicains happy as well to ensure that infight would cease in the empire.

Failures & Embarrassments

She never succeded in given non citzens of the empire citizen ship, along with improving the lives of the live of the lower classes of the empire.

Mental Trauma

One of her most traumatic experiences she ever saw was when she was twelve, when she saw a group of boys beating a dog and she quickly saved it and nurtured it back to health. Leading to her pacifism ways and saw the world as a cruel and unjust place. She also hates snake as well as she finds them unnatural to her.

Intellectual Characteristics

Linguistic, philosophical, charismatic, logical.

Morality & Philosophy

She believes that all people of the empire should benefit the rights of its citizens and that the governments should be helping their people rather then helping themselves abusing their power in the process. She is also pacifistic only using violence as a last resort as it bring nothing put pain and misery to others.


She never lets anyone get too close to her side and never rushes intro trouble.

Personality Characteristics


She wanted to bring forth a world were everyone could prosper and not have to do it by exploiting and stealing from people to do it. Along with keeping the wealthy and powerful using their power and influence for their own personal gain.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is good at reading people, What words to say to someone, and knows how to win at any game. But she is a terrible cook and has difficulty opening up to people.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves grapes and dogs, but hates idiots, politicians and snakes.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, wise, open minded, calculated and cool headed.

Vices & Personality flaws

Drinks when she is upset and aggresive when angry.

Personality Quirks

Eye twitches when angry and knocks on every door even when its open.


She made sure that everything was cleaned in every room, bathed herself in the finest scented waters and made sure every part of her body was spotless.


Contacts & Relations

Has contact with sereral different diplomats from serveral different countries, tie with political families in the empire and dealings with key merchants. Even her own spy ring to keep her friends and enemies in check.

Family Ties

Aldos - brother Sigor - brother Lucius - brother

Religious Views

She is a follower of the old gods of the Vatian Empire and often uses her faith in them to keep the clergy from apousing their power in anyway.

Social Aptitude

Extremely charasmatic, well mannered, confident and is a smooth talker.

Hobbies & Pets

She has a dog name Hector and loves to play games. Along with several other dogs name, Joshua, Midas and Lena. But none had any pups and after Lena died she didn’t have anymore dogs.

Wealth & Financial state

She often uses funding from the treasury for economic and cultural means. Many buildings were built of both government and civilian acriss the empire. Speicial access to certain trade routes and items also under her control as well.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Empress of the Vatian Empire
506 CA 568 CA 62 years old
long brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
cream white
156 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Why do men only think about fighting and fucking?
The world is like a piece of glass, it only take a rock to shatter it.
Men have been in charge long enough, it time for a women to get things done right.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Vasili, Ardanian, Droba, Heloni

Cover image: Empress by Ahmad Said
Character Portrait image: Empress by Ahmad Said


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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
27 Jul, 2019 08:15

A big complete article. There is a bunch of details that makes it extra to read, and the art is great.   For the dog, did she had it at teenhood, during reign, late in life ? did the dogs had pups later ?   Also, i just felt she was a tad too perfect however. even with some ineptitudes and failures shown. Did her rivals tried to assassinate or discredit her during her reign ?   A little proofread as well but be nice to see. I always need it as well myself. Just a couple double or mixed letters.   Happy Summercamp !

27 Jul, 2019 17:52

I never wanted to make here perfect as for Assassins after her, it only happen once and was thwarted and those responsible were deal with and would use her spy ring to gather information and blackmail her rivals and enemies in order not to do have a stunt like that happen again and the dog she had until she was 19 when it passed away. She have only two more during her reign and that was it.

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