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Knight Armor

Our armor defines who we are as Knights as they are an extension of ourselves who we are meant to be. - Elder Knight
  Unlike the armor that most soldiers use in battle, the knight is a special case when it comes to battle due to their skill and the required conditions of what they wear to battle. Many have their form of armor to their specifications to ensure their rate of success is met, plus they just really like to show off. Many Knights are identifiable by the way their armor is designed and can create a psychological effect on those around them by either inspiring or terrifying theses around them on and off the battlefield.  
Helmet: You can tell a lot about a Knight by the helmet they wear, What type of fighting style they prefer if they favor decorations over practically, and so on. A Knight’s helmet is how they stand out from the crowd and show people who they are. Whether it be something smooth or bulky if it draws attention then they know that it is working out for them. It can also show you how much they would be able to see in it too as Knights who wear a better protective helmet have a less clear vision with their surroundings almost completely blinded. While others prefer to show their face more to have a clear field of vision to deliver a more accurate strike in battle. It is also where they add their decorations most often adding things such as feathers or cloth that has no functional design. Then some take to the next level by creating a helmet that is distinct to them such as an animal or making them look holy or demonic to add intimidation or to embrace their namesake given to them.  
Knight Armor: A Knight's armor is something that all depends on in how much coin they have in their coin purse. Since armor can be expensive to make and maintain once you have it. You can tell how wealthy a knight can be by just looking at the armor they have on them or they just want armor that they can fight in properly. With some, they wear heavy armor to be able to fight on no matter how many times someone hits them or just be able to block and dodge so they can counter their opponents. Though Plate mail and chain mail are the most commonly used by them while a few choose a different material such as Gambeson.   But the best distinction of wealth is how well kept the armor is that they wear. If it is clean and shows no sign of wear and tears it means they are often in the service of someone or have enough money to repair it. If it is the latter though it would mean that they are most likely hedge knights that have no master and just go from place to place looking for work. Their armor also tends to come in all shapes and sizes with none of them being made of the same material as some will be entirely metal while others may be a mix of metal and layer cloth of some kind. This is put into account how they fight most of the time in battle as well since they can either fight on a riding mount or on foot which can have its advantages and disadvantages depending on what they are wearing.    

Emboding the Armor

  Armor is something that all knights desire to have in a battle to their specifications. This is why they make sure to be a part of the creation process o said armor to ensure everything is done properly by smiths that forge them. It is a tradition that Knights who value the old ways do as their Armor will become a second skin to them and release their inner warrior when worn into battle. Often going through every task is needed for the armor to reach its standards.   Metal Carving: Armor on a knight tends to have more detail them most other armors a soldier wears into battle. This is due to their status and to have them stand out. The design of the carving can vary from a Knight's symbol to patterns to add detail to their armor. All of which take a lot of time and effort depending on how far someone is willing to go.   Embroidery: If the cloth is used on the armor then it is likely that a coat of arms will be sewn into it with some patterns to add flair to further their allegiance to their master. Often on a surcoat or a tabard that is worn over the armor. Designs such as these can be complex or simple depending on their status. But it will still cost someone a fair bit of coin no matter how much time and effort is put into it.   Ornament Pieces: Some Knights tend to go overboard when adding things to their armor such as adding horns or adding molding the armor to look a certain way to add more detail. This is often done as both a sign of intimidation and extravagance to ensure that no one will take them lightly when fighting them. Though they often lack any practical use on the field of battle and can often cause problems for them if they end up in certain circumstances such as tight places or unstable ground which can easily lead to their defeat at their own hands.


To be a Knight means that their skills are considered higher than most other soldiers and are more valuable to keep alive than to end up dead on some far-flung battlefield. It takes too much time and effort to train them which is why they need better armor to keep them alive and to show others that they are not to be taken lightly when face to face with them in a fight.  

Armor of Honor

  For as long as anyone can remember there have always been Knight in some shape or form. Often being the center of attention of many of the commoners through their tales of adventure and their exploits. Their code of honor also gives them the impression that they fight the wicked to protect the innocent. This of course is not the same when it comes to most Knights as they are trained killers that will kill when they need to or on command. But they will retain some degree of honor that they swore to uphold when it comes to it. But their armor is something is that truly gives them their mythical status those around them inspire young boys and some girls to walk in their footsteps as a squire to one them. Often never realizing them in fact under that armor is someone made of flesh and bone just like them. It can also be the same way for the one wearing the armor as well as they will be judged for everything they do for the rest of their life when they wear it.   Making many of them to trying To live up to the values that they were taught to be the embodiment of the honor they are bound to. Though it is much harder than one might believe and will often just wear the armor to keep up appearances and often with their face covered when doing not have the courage to look someone in the eye when they are struggling with their problems while trying to achieve their status as Knight of honor and virtue.  

Second Skin

  Armor to a Knight is something more than some piece of protection, unlike most other soldiers that wear it just to stay alive. Their armor is a part of them that they take the utmost care of it as they wear it where ever they go whether to protect someone they are serving under or in a battle. Not to mention it is expensive to maintain if left in disrepair for too long and unlike most armor given to soldiers they have to pay out of their purses rather than their employer. There is also the fact that looking like a soldier who came out of the wilderness is not the best look for someone of their status.   This of course can be a problem if the armor is designed a certain way or covered in detail and decorations as they are harder to fix. Whoever said that looking good takes no effort is either a silver-tongued devil or has never known what time and effort it takes to look presentable even if it was to hit them in the face. All the more reason to ensure that it remains in its best condition to carry out its duties. Because a Knight without armor is nothing more than someone skilled in fighting and much easier to take down with any weapon they have on hand. It also helps separates the smart fighters from the stupid ones to ensure which Knight should get the time and effort to fight for them rather than some fool who thinks that all need is the skill with their weapon to win a battle when they will most likely be trying to keep their blood from spill out some finally wounds them. That's the reason why they are often good at fighting in the armor they are wearing as they are so used to wearing it all the time it is like clothing they wear on any other day. Making them far more dangerous to deal with when they know the advantages and limitations of wearing them.
Item type
Armor such as this is specifically designed to be worn by Knights into battle as they are the only ones who can afford it is specifically designed for them.
45lbs - 78lbs
Base Price
100 gold - 217 gold

Allegiance Idetification

Coat of Arms: Knight who serve under someone always have their coat of arms on them at all times to be properly identified by those aligned to them. This can be a house's coat of arms to a holy symbol of a knightly order that can be found on a piece of cloth or painted on the armor.
Decoration: Not all decorations on a Knight's armor is just for show, some of them have meant them. They are often affiliated with some organization one way or another with holy designs built into their armor or parts of animals used to represent a house they serve. Along with distinct design to them apart from one region from another.  

Cloth with Armor

  Anyone can tell you that armor is not comfortable to wear nor does it keep someone warm or keep the sweltering heat from cooking them alive. Chaffing is something that no one enjoys either. This is why they wore something underneath or above them to at least feel comfortable while wearing it for long periods.   Gambeson: A padded jacket that adds extra defense under one armor and comfort. It also tends to keep one warm during the colder times of the year and can stop heavy bolts or arrows from causing injury to the wearer.   Surcoat: A much lighter cloth clothing worn on the outside of the armor to protect it from rain that creates rust.   Tabard: Much shorter than a surcoat and sleeveless it was commonly used to cover armor to avoid light reflecting off of it and to block heat from it.   Hood: Simple things can go a long and a hood under armor is one of them. Not only does it keeps heat out of the way when in battle, but ensures that their hair does not get stuck in the helmet as well. Especially for those who fear the dreaded helmet hair that comes with wearing a helmet.  



Holy Knight

Knights that have taken up the call to serve a higher power than that of any mortal man. The service of a god allows them to carry out their will by spreading their word and smiting their enemies. They are often fanatical and dedicate their lives to piety and the service of others. Most of them have strongholds and obey the laws of religious authority that carry out the faith.  

Feudal Knight

Knights that are in the service of a noble through an oath of service to them. They are fiercely loyal to them as long as they remain honorable and do not commit heinous acts too severe. Though not all of them are in the service of a lord and end up wandering the land as Hedge Knights or Knight Errant seeking glory through heroic deeds and quests where ever it takes them.  

Imperial Knight

For the longest time the Vatian Empire has been recruiting Knights to fighting for the empire as a whole and not a single individual. They are given quality equipment and are greatly rewarded for their services as they fight in their wars and preserve the peace. Knights such as these have strong loyalties to the empire and will fight to protect it.


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